Bastian Ilsø

I am a GNU/Linux enthusiast from Denmark, who wants to start designing, writing or do testing for GNOME. When I am not studying Medialogy, I currently spend my free time drawing, learning Blender, Gimp and other free software applications which I can rely my own future on.

Current and ongoing Projects

Previous Projects

Project Ideas

  • Jonas and Mathias working on Maps had asked for someone to do some interaction design for the app.
  • A "passive" video which can run a screen, showing off GNOME 3. Updated for each release, can be used in the GNOME booth at conferences etc. A bit like when you go to a store to buy a new computer, you have these videos just showing off features etc.
  • "one good area would be south-park like cutout rigs for the footer art characters" -Jimmac
  • BastianIlsø/EngagementTODO

  • Some mockups showing ways to get rid of message dialogs. (Inspired by selection mode or the way notifications in a window are shown.)
  • Volunteer Video, how to contribute, which field could be in your liking.
  • Reaching out to Car Software (IVI's), AML, Car Industry, Tizen Distribution updating their GNOME components and keep close communication. How is it going with integrating the libraries with Tizen? Is there someone in the GNOME community who would be willing to spend some time on helping out with these external parties and be a sort of representative?
  • Reaching out to local university (Aalborg University), asking for GSOC participants, increase the popularity of that. Perhaps ask secretary or the Studienævn, if they would be interested in some sort of collaboration (would be cool).
  • Merchandise!

  • Make a competition where people can vote on the gnome app they like the most people can vote with their money.


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