The goal with this video is to increase awareness of GNOME's documentation efforts and what uses it has.

Title Suggestions:

  • "Speeding up your workflow in GNOME."
  • "GNOME Spotlight - Documentation."


GNOME delivers a full desktop experience. Part of this means making it easy for users to explore new features and workflows. This is where GNOME Help comes into the picture.

Need to know the keyboard shortcuts of gedit? GNOME Help lets you explore them easily through its interface.

Want to know what Documents has to offer? Press F1 and you can get an overview of Documents' features at a glance.

GNOME Help is your offline assistant, ready to lend a hand with any application adventure you may take. The documentation is there to help you speed up and get work done.

Similarly, the GNOME Project aims to provide good documentation for developers and administrators. For developers, the help is provided through DevHelp and online at the GNOME Developer Center. Combined you have a library of knowledge and tools to get you up to date with the latest happenings in everything from glib to gnome-shell in terms of source code, API and plug-in development.

For system administrators and tinkerers, we provide a system administration guide online at help.gnome.org. This guide aims at addressing your needs, whether it be managing the configuration of several computers from one place or playing with the logo on the login screen.

Together, Help, Developer Center and the Sysadmin Guide makes up GNOMEs documentation. Of course, we are always looking to make our documentation better. Got an idea, found a typo or just want to find a way to help? File a bug at bugzilla.gnome.org against "gnome-user-docs" or come hang out in the #docs channel at irc.gnome.org.

This was <name> speaking, thank you for using GNOME.


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