GNOME Schedule

This page is a combined schedule of major events applicable across GNOME, useful for GNOME contributors/developers. Please keep this page short with links to other pages for more info. Items may be removed if unrelated, too narrow in scope, or this page just plain gets too long.

Planned Infrastructure Downtime or Changes


Release Schedule

See the official release schedule page for GNOME 46.

For all releases, an online calendar is available to subscribe to: HTTP link, webcal link. You can subscribe to it with applications such as GNOME Calendar or Evolution.

Stable Branch

Reminder: Only bug fixes and performance fixes are allowed for stable branches (no feature, string, ui, or API/ABI changes allowed without freeze break approval).

Freezes on Development Branch

Current freezes in place for the GNOME 46 development cycle:


Freeze Start on...


Feb 10, 2024


Feb 10, 2024


Feb 10, 2024


Feb 24, 2024

Reminder: there is no longer any hard code freeze.

Major Upcoming Conferences

See Events for a complete list of major and minor events and links to information on planning such events.

Other Major Events

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