GNOME 3.20 Release Video

The release video is a video which will cover what's new in GNOME this cycle and is released together with the release notes, based off the release notes. The video is released along with the release notes, primarily as an engagement marketing material and at the GNOMEDesktop Youtube channel.



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GNOME is a world-wide community who is creating a free and open source desktop. The GNOME 3.20 release consists of the last 6 months contributions from coders, designers and writers alike.

As a result, a dozen of GNOME's applications comes with new features and improved looks.

[~20 seconds montage here]

  • [ToDo: List View & Plug-in system]
    [Maps: You can contribute Points of Interest to OpenStreetMaps]
    [Polari: Refreshed UI]
    [Music: Overhauled UI, performance improvements, etc.]

GNOME Photos can crop your photos and apply filters to them. The control center sports a revamped mouse panel.

Software provides a seamless integration of sandboxed applications and OS upgrades. Documents supports basic document editing. And furthermore, most applications now come with a keyboard shortcut window.

Developers can look forward to an improved GNOME Builder, which now comes with xdg-app building and project templates. GTK+ has stabilized its theming support with the move to CSS elements.

GNOME 3.20 will be provided by many distributions soon. The GNOME community is friendly and open for anyone. Build a better free desktop with us by getting involved today.


e.g. suggestions to contents, speaker style and any questions.

  • Sound Recorder, now can record in Mono. Plus some usability problems and trivial bugs were fixed.

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