GNOME 3.18 Release Video

The release video is a video which will cover what's new in GNOME this cycle and is released together with the release notes, based off the release notes. The video is released along with the release notes, primarily as an engagement marketing material and at the GNOMEDesktop Youtube channel.



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Thanks to the hard work of interns and contributors, GNOME announces version 3.18.

In this release, GNOME is improving the general user experience for users and new developers alike.

If your computer has a light sensor, GNOME can now use it to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen. The touch screen experience has also improved when selecting and modifying text.

Files has received a lot of attention this cycle. There's a new view in the sidebar so remote and internal locations are collected in one place for your convenience. Progress is now shown in the headerbar when files are being copied. There are many other improvements, including a more polished search function, Google Drive integration and better file management.

Software has become the first to support updating device firmware through the new Linux Vendor Firmware Service. The service allows vendors to submit firmware and GNOME Software will allow you to install it with the click of a button.

Furthermore, the GNOME community have improved a large variety of apps including..

  • ..Calendar which now comes with a management dialog, to help you manage your calendars.
  • ..Polari with a better initial user experience.
  • ..GNOME Documents which is sporting a revamped user interface for organizing your documents.
  • ..and Evince which annotation and video support has improved.

GNOME 3.18 comes with a preview of GNOME To Do, a personal task manager helping you keep track of the tasks ahead of time.

GNOME's development tools have also improved this cycle. Builder, for example, now has a source code minimap, a shortcut overview and auto-completion for Python. The human interface guidelines have been restructured and include new usage patterns. GNOME Logs' user interface now gives a better overview and can show you logs from the last five boots. Boxes has improved its interface with a new list view for users with a lot of virtual machines. Finally, GTK+ has received new typographic features.

The new GNOME release is available for you as a Live Image to try now. Many distributions will also ship GNOME 3.18 in the near future.

GNOME is a friendly community who is making free software for everyone. Help us make free software great by getting involved today.


e.g. suggestions to contents, speaker style and any questions.

  • Maybe we shouldn't ask for help, but call to action instead. So, instead of "Help us make free software great by getting involved today", I'd suggest something like "Excited? Join us in making GNOME the perfect desktop environment for Linux, then" (GeorgesNeto)

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