WikiWiki means “fast” in Hawaiian.


[DIFF] 11:03 Info AllanDay information is no longer relevant. point to the new wiki location
[DIFF] 10:45 Info JakubSteiner [1-3] #02 syntax
#03 mapping table is a placeholder for now.
[DIFF] 10:40 Info BastienNocera Update internal MMC status, it's been working for a while
[DIFF] 10:07 Info CarlosSoriano
[DIFF] 10:00 Info JakubSteiner move the button API to wayland, where it's gonna happen
[DIFF] 07:23 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 06:52 Info TingweiLan GLib autogenargs and some skipped packages committed to jhbuild moduleset
[DIFF] 06:47 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 06:29 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 05:52 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 05:31 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:52 Info AndreKlapper Fix 404 mailing list link, as pointed out by onkar on IRC
[DIFF] 19:39 Info YolandaAlvarez
[DIFF] 20:43 Info BastianIlsø added a section describing other useful tools
[DIFF] 16:14 Info MiguelVaello [1-2] #01 Fix navigation bar home link.
[DIFF] 16:06 Info MiguelVaello Add initial contribution page
[DIFF] 16:04 Info MiguelVaello capabilities
[DIFF] 16:03 Info MiguelVaello Add initial download and install page
[DIFF] 16:02 Info MiguelVaello [1-2] #01 Add some roadmap stuff with basic points
#02 Add initial roadmap page
[DIFF] 11:18 Info BastianIlsø updated list of developers
[DIFF] 10:47 Info AlexanderBokovoy
[DIFF] 22:45 Info jralls [1-2] #01 Add Quick Start
#02 Recommend building all modules in a single command invocation.
[DIFF] 22:35 Info jbicha move to [[Apps/Web/Frequentl yAskedQuestions]], this name is linked to from [[Apps/Web]]
[DIFF] 22:34 Info jbicha move page from [[Apps/Web/ProjectFA Q]], this name is linked to from [[Apps/Web]]
[DIFF] 22:26 Info jralls
[DIFF] 22:25 Info MichaelHill [1-2] #01 Added jbicha.
#02 Added jralls.
[DIFF] 20:45 Info AlexandruVisarion
[DIFF] 17:57 Info AlThomas Update Valadate link
[DIFF] 13:59 Info BenjaminBerg
[DIFF] 10:09 Info MarcusLundblad [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:41 Info AlexandruPandelea
[DIFF] 11:19 Info AllanDay original content has moved to and the flatpak github wiki. turn this page into an overview of flatpak usage in gnome
[DIFF] 11:06 Info AllanDay Page content has been moved to
[DIFF] 10:01 Info AllanDay Page content has been moved to github
[DIFF] 09:59 Info AllanDay Page content has been moved to github
[DIFF] 09:58 Info AllanDay Page content has been moved to
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[DELETED] 09:53 Info AllanDay alex says this page isn't needed any more
[DIFF] 09:52 Info AllanDay content has been moved to github
[DIFF] 20:47 Info YuriKonotopov
[DIFF] 19:24 Info MatthiasClasen [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:03 Info AllanDay [1-3] #01 fix link
#02 refine the goals a little
#03 broken link
[DIFF] 00:30 Info MichaelGratton [1-4] #01 Fixed some bad links
#02 Put Google question at the top as a H2 and move up crash help up a section for the same so thy are easier to find
#03 Add table of contents
#04 Replace duplicated stack trace instructions with a link to the canonical version under ReportABug
[DIFF] 23:34 Info MichaelGratton [1-2] #01 Fix command for installing symbols on Fedora
#02 Minor to step #2
[DIFF] 20:55 Info LaurentPointecouteau
[DIFF] 20:14 Info AlThomas [1-2] #01 Update 'Documentation and' sub-section with details on generating a local copy of Valadoc documentation for a VAPI
#02 Add 'Attribution and License' sub-section
[DIFF] 19:35 Info OliverPropst add report
[DIFF] 19:32 Info OliverPropst update
[DIFF] 19:25 Info AdeliaRahim [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:03 Info AdeliaRahim [1-3]
[DIFF] 18:47 Info MarinaZ
[DIFF] 18:41 Info MeghParikh Add relevant art for remappable controls (OpenEmu)
[DIFF] 04:05 Info AdeliaRahim
[DIFF] 02:25 Info MarinaZ [1-4]
[DIFF] 00:36 Info AdeliaRahim [1-2]


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