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[DIFF] 36m ago Info AlexandreFranke note about guest mode for Web
[DIFF] 02:43 Info GeorgesNeto Add Calendar and Music
[DIFF] 22:53 Info PhilipChimento Feedback
[DIFF] 22:39 Info PhilipChimento Add note about underscores.
[DIFF] 21:49 Info PiotrDrag Mark some modules as done
[DIFF] 19:53 Info OliverPropst [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:49 Info AlThomas Start to add examples to 'Naming Conventions' sub-section
[DELETED] 19:13 Info AlexandreFranke [1-3] #01 not ready yet
#02 not ready yet
#03 copy over from pad
[DIFF] 14:45 Info MichaelCatanzaro Add warning regarding proposed Ephy feature
[DIFF] 09:21 Info AlexandreFranke add bugtracker idea
[DIFF] 08:32 Info AndreKlapper add <<TableOfContents>>
[DIFF] 08:04 Info DebarshiRay [1-4]
[DIFF] 17:41 Info EkaterinaGerasimova
[DIFF] 17:35 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 17:20 Info MarinaZ [1-2]
Nuritzi Sanchez [3]
[DIFF] 16:28 Info MilanCrha [1-2] #02 Upload of attachment 'example-module.zip' .
[DIFF] 15:31 Info MichaelCatanzaro [1-2] #01 Remove Tomaz from waitlist per his request
#02 Remove Lapo by request
[DIFF] 13:28 Info MichaelCatanzaro [1-2] #01 Add Lapo
#02 Fix alphabetization and leave a reminder at the bottom
[DIFF] 09:59 Info SébastienWilmet add link to talk at guadec
[DIFF] 09:55 Info SébastienWilmet [1-2] #01 add link to MinGW page
#02 replace full URLs by links
[DIFF] 09:03 Info YuriKonotopov [1-3]
[DIFF] 08:21 Info JonasDanielsson
[DIFF] 07:44 Info JakubSteiner
[DIFF] 07:37 Info YuriKonotopov
[DIFF] 06:13 Info AdrienPlazas [1-2] #01 Remove wrong comment on pcsx_reamred and gamepads
#02 Revert to revision 35. They work, though some games require a classic gamepad, others require an analog one and other acept both. You more probably encountered a bug in Games.
[DIFF] 05:26 Info JonasDanielsson [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:54 Info AtulAnand
[DIFF] 11:03 Info OliverPropst update
[DIFF] 21:47 Info YuriKonotopov
[DIFF] 21:21 Info YuriKonotopov
[DIFF] 21:20 Info YuriKonotopov [1-3] #03 Removed manual installation info. This is a bit complex and can be obtained from cmake script
[DIFF] 21:05 Info YuriKonotopov
[DIFF] 14:02 Info TingweiLan [1-2] #01 libgtop builds on FreeBSD 11 now
#02 libgtop should build without 'struct ifaddr'
[DIFF] 04:56 Info MichaelGratton Update instructions to get GMail working
[DIFF] 16:24 Info AllanDay
[DIFF] 16:02 Info DebarshiRay [1-4]
[DIFF] 14:58 Info AllanDay add notes from the guadec session
[DIFF] 10:51 Info EkaterinaGerasimova [1-2] #01 feedback page
#02 update for 2017
[DIFF] 19:30 Info MattiasBengtsson Add some ubuntu gnome deps needed for building jhbuild.
[DIFF] 17:59 Info AllanDay add some questions
[DIFF] 07:32 Info SarahSharp Update for round 13 opening soon.
[DIFF] 06:51 Info SarahSharp Update. Shuffle list around to ease automation. Apparently moin can
[DIFF] 06:28 Info SarahSharp
[DIFF] 06:16 Info SarahSharp [1-2] #01 Correct number of past participants to actually include correct round 12 amount (I used round 11 instead). I would really like to automate this process because it really sucks.
[DIFF] 04:17 Info SarahSharp


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