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#02 Attachment 'rhythmbox-plugins.p ng' deleted.
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#06 Add flathub info
#09 Move contribution to separate section
#10 Minor fixes
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#07 Add metadata helper information
#08 Updated build instructions
#09 Updated build instructions
#11 Update dependencies
#13 Update getting involved link
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crvi [4-9]
#07 More cleanup
#08 Update plugin menu
#09 Cleanup.
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crvi [3-4]
#02 Add heading
#04 Remove date as not much has changed except for status bar
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#02 Removed old plugins from page
[DIFF] 04:13 Info crvi Cleanup old links
[DIFF] 04:03 Info crvi [1-2] #01 Removed new plugins from old list
#02 Move old 0.x plugins to old sub page
[DIFF] 03:52 Info crvi Removed non-existent link
[DIFF] 21:17 Info AlThomas Add a bit more detail to 'Constants, the Stack and the Heap in C' sub-section
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#04 Upload of attachment 'example-module.zip' .
#05 Attachment 'example-module.zip' deleted.
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[DIFF] 04:42 Info crvi [1-3] #01 Remove subpages
#02 Remove old content.
#03 Remove block diagram. Not the right place.
[DIFF] 04:38 Info crvi [1-2] #01 Remove new content in old page.
#02 Move old content to OldContent page from main app page.
[DIFF] 18:15 Info MartinAbente fixing the step 4. indentation to make it part of the same list of steps
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