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[DIFF] 19:58 Info OlivierCrete [1]
MathieuBridon [2]
#01 added myself to info desk
[DIFF] 18:54 Info MatthiasClasen
[DIFF] 17:22 Info AllanDay fix broken link
[DIFF] 15:40 Info EmilyGonyer
[DIFF] 15:40 Info EmilyGonyer
[DIFF] 14:08 Info SamThursfield [1-3] #01 Add all the names back for now
#02 Note that me and Neil are subscribed to the list
#03 Remove names of people on the list, it's misleading
[DIFF] 10:59 Info AndreKlapper fix a broken link...
[DIFF] 10:48 Info AndreaVeri
[DIFF] 09:44 Info SébastienWilmet in some cases several *.lang files in the same repo
[DIFF] 01:05 Info RosannaYuen fixing conflict
[DIFF] 00:05 Info RosannaYuen
[DIFF] 22:31 Info EmilyGonyer [1-2]
Nuritzi Sanchez [3]
#02 Minor edits by EmilyGonyer for grammar/wording/spel ling/etc.
[DIFF] 21:53 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'SCALE Table.jpeg'.
[DIFF] 21:48 Info OliverPropst [1]
CarlosSoriano [2-4]
[DIFF] 21:29 Info JimHall updated info
[DIFF] 21:28 Info JimHall [1-2] #01 fixed formatting error
#02 added Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage in Sep 2017 jh
[DIFF] 17:57 Info AllanDay [1-2] #02 update goals
[DIFF] 14:58 Info AaronHoneycutt start
[DIFF] 14:46 Info EmmanueleBassi
[DIFF] 14:40 Info EmmanueleBassi [1-4] #02 Bump up requirement to latest stable Ubuntu release
#03 Retool the old JHBuild page for newcomers to building system components
#04 Add a new page for system components
[DIFF] 14:34 Info SébastienWilmet simplify Tepl roadmap
[DIFF] 11:52 Info FelipeBorges [1-2] #02 It is important for both parties involved in the application process to be aware that the process is public and transparent through the maillist archives.
[DIFF] 11:45 Info SamThursfield Welcome pack task
[DIFF] 09:54 Info SamThursfield Update for latest sales, of which there are few..
[DIFF] 09:38 Info SébastienWilmet Fix icon, the 256x256 doesn't exist anymore
[DIFF] 05:14 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 04:35 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-3]
[DIFF] 00:37 Info EktaNandwani
[DIFF] 22:34 Info SamThursfield [1-2] #01 Fix name
#02 Minutes
[DIFF] 16:33 Info MarcoTrevisan [1-6]
[DIFF] 14:51 Info OleAamot
[DIFF] 14:45 Info OleAamot [1-2] #02 Work on GNOME Internet Radio Locator for GNOME 3 began in March 2017.
[DIFF] 09:59 Info NielsDeGraef Added self as maintainer
[DIFF] 09:46 Info TingweiLan [1-3] #01 yelp can open uncompressed info pages now
#02 gnome-online-account s calls bindtextdomain now
#03 meson doesn't reorder -L flags returned by pkg-config now
[DIFF] 08:46 Info AllanDay add new board members for 2017-18
[DIFF] 06:07 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-11]
[DIFF] 05:42 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 05:12 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-4]
[DIFF] 04:46 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 04:34 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 04:16 Info SarahSharp Sarah is an Outreachy coordinator, communities have organizers
[DIFF] 04:12 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 03:57 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-3]
[DIFF] 03:45 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-3]
[DIFF] 23:48 Info MarcoTrevisan [1]
MarcoTrevisan [2-4]
[DIFF] 16:13 Info AntonioOspite Add an example of how to disable cursor blinking for the default profile
[DIFF] 15:04 Info AllanDay initial draft
[DIFF] 13:24 Info Yasitha Rajapaksha
[DIFF] 13:20 Info Yasitha Rajapaksha [1-3] #03 Upload of attachment 'Photo_Yasitha_Rajap aksha.jpg'.
[DIFF] 13:30 Info SébastienWilmet add link to new page
[DIFF] 12:51 Info DebarshiRay [1-3] #03 update the zoom item
[DIFF] 07:38 Info AnoopChanduKunisetty
[DIFF] 19:05 Info GabrielIvascu
[DIFF] 23:26 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 19:27 Info GuillaumePoirier [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:07 Info CassandraSanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:05 Info CassandraSanchez
[DIFF] 16:00 Info Nuritzi Sanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:34 Info TomTryfonidis Add link to theme page
[DIFF] 15:18 Info TomTryfonidis [1-3] #02 Upload of attachment 'deneb.png'.
#03 Create page
[DIFF] 11:32 Info SébastienWilmet re-add link to API ref (unstable), the doc is now correct (but not yet the stable one)
[DIFF] 10:16 Info AndreasNilsson [1-2]
[DIFF] 08:50 Info AntonioOspite
[DIFF] 04:20 Info MarinaZ
[DIFF] 04:08 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 02:03 Info GeorgesNeto [1-4] #02 Add some bug numbers
#04 Add some more checks (woohoo \o/ )


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