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[DIFF] 19:20 Info AndreKlapper
[DIFF] 14:33 Info AndreaVeri
[DIFF] 21:39 Info MichaelTerry
[DIFF] 22:23 Info SamThursfield
[DIFF] 19:17 Info MollydeBlanc
[DIFF] 18:20 Info PhilipWithnall Add O_TMPFILE wish
[DIFF] 14:37 Info JeffFortin Add Diego Gangl
[DIFF] 12:04 Info EmmanueleBassi
[DIFF] 09:15 Info AndreaVeri Renamed from 'Projects/NautilusSo undConverter'.
[DIFF] 14:46 Info OliverPropst
[DIFF] 14:45 Info OliverPropst
[DIFF] 09:56 Info EmmanueleBassi Fix links
[DIFF] 14:54 Info MichaelCatanzaro gvfs is not one of GNOME's main dependencies, and doesn't even run in the same process, so listing it here does no good
[DIFF] 10:08 Info AndreKlapper No idea which Git repository is the correct one.
[DIFF] 02:53 Info NelsonBenitez Highlight better the keybindings, also add package name for fedora's alike
[DIFF] 16:12 Info AndreKlapper Epiphany does not start up as maximised
[DIFF] 15:22 Info JensGeorg
[DIFF] 19:23 Info AndreKlapper Fix header levels


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