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[DIFF] 00:54 Info MatthiasClasen
[DIFF] 19:34 Info AndreKlapper no more Bugzilla; remove broken image on top
[DIFF] 18:33 Info DanielGarcia [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:38 Info David Bannon [1-2] #02 Listing help files at github
[DIFF] 01:34 Info David Bannon content moved to github for easier maintance
[DIFF] 13:40 Info OliverPropst
[DIFF] 13:38 Info OliverPropst
[DIFF] 01:37 Info TobiasBernard
[DIFF] 23:14 Info TimMuller [1,3]
IñigoMartinez [2]
#01 libnice meson port was merged
#02 update vino status
#03 Link to libnice and harfbuzz MR/PR
[DIFF] 17:42 Info AndreKlapper [1-5] #01 no more git.gnome.org
#02 no more git.gnome.org
#03 no more git.gnome.org
#04 no more git.gnome.org
#05 in a gitlab world there is no "common URL prefix" anymore
[DIFF] 14:06 Info SébastienWilmet Do not mention latest version number and release date, was outdated.
[DIFF] 13:55 Info ricotz
[DIFF] 12:29 Info AndreKlapper [1-3] #02 Add note that This page is outdated as GNOME moved from git.gnome.org to gitlab.gnome.org.
#03 Change one "git.gnome.org" to "gitlab.gnome.org" but there are many more on this page
[DIFF] 12:28 Info AndreKlapper Gitlab, no more cgit, add TODOs, etc
[DIFF] 22:53 Info LaurentPointecouteau
[DIFF] 17:42 Info JMacArthur
[DIFF] 15:17 Info AlexBăluț [1-4] #02 Fix links, added Evan
#03 Updated links to what they redirect to
#04 Added Yatin
[DIFF] 14:53 Info AlexBăluț 2018
[DIFF] 13:47 Info GeorgesNeto
[DIFF] 10:52 Info DebarshiRay
[DIFF] 10:41 Info AndreKlapper Remove old Bugzilla, git.gnome.org etc links
[DIFF] 09:57 Info David Bannon update to v0.20
[DELETED] 00:29 Info David Bannon redundant, easier to manage on github
[DIFF] 15:38 Info toscalix [1-5] #02 schedule
#03 agenda added
#04 previous meeting logs
#05 Renamed from 'Projects/BuildStrea m/Monthly-Meeting/20 181113'. the page title includes a date which is wrong
[DIFF] 15:37 Info toscalix [1-4] #01 schedule
#02 todos
#03 previous actions
#04 Renamed from 'Projects/BuildStrea m/Monthly-Meeting/20 181211'. Ticle includes a date and the meeting was moved
[DIFF] 15:23 Info toscalix [1-2] #01 wrong date
#02 changed links
[DIFF] 13:35 Info WolfgangStoeggl Added chapter of email from Mario Blätterman from 2018-09-20 on gnome-de@gnome.org
[DIFF] 09:37 Info AbderrahimKitouni add a note about bst-external
[DIFF] 00:08 Info ChristopherDavis Weather now has maintainers.
[DIFF] 17:08 Info AllanDay add files to the research topic list
[DIFF] 17:03 Info AllanDay
[DIFF] 11:54 Info AllanDay add the latest mockups
[DIFF] 11:51 Info AllanDay actually put the mockups on here
[DIFF] 07:37 Info DanielMustieles Change bugzilla references to GitLab
[DIFF] 01:25 Info NielsDeGraef
[DIFF] 01:24 Info NielsDeGraef
[DIFF] 01:24 Info NielsDeGraef [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:23 Info NielsDeGraef [1-6] #01 Upload of attachment 'contacts-logo.png'.
#02 Attachment 'contacts-logo.png' deleted.
#04 Upload of attachment 'contacts-logo.png'.
#05 Attachment 'org.gnome.Contacts. svg' deleted.
#06 Upload of attachment 'org.gnome.Contacts. svg'.


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