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[DIFF] 21:13 Info CosimoCecchi [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:12 Info CosimoCecchi
[DIFF] 20:42 Info MarcusLundblad
[DIFF] 20:27 Info AlThomas [1-2] #01 Add monotonic time example to "Dates and Times" sub-section
#02 Add DateTime example to string templates
[DIFF] 20:08 Info OliverPropst update
[DIFF] 18:34 Info JoaquimRocha [1]
KalevLember [2]
DebarshiRay [3-7,9]
CarlosSoriano [8]
RobertRoth [10-13]
#02 Add my name
#05 Drop another old example. We decide not to use the collections dialog from Documents in Photos. The dialog proposed for Photos looks quite different. Hence this isn't relevant anymore.
#07 Remove old example. IndexFileForProcess was added in tracker-1.6, so the issue about indexing removable devices is not relevant anymore.
#09 Add myself to the list
[DIFF] 12:06 Info JakubSteiner updates
[DIFF] 10:15 Info AllanDay [1-9] #03 more info, add a bit of analysis
#06 more qt creator details
#07 add details for qt creator
#08 add details for monodevelop
#09 add details for sublime text
[DIFF] 10:06 Info SébastienWilmet [1-2] #01 update for code folding in Gtef
#02 minor tweakings
[DIFF] 10:01 Info SébastienWilmet FoldRegion: mostly done
[DIFF] 09:43 Info RobertRoth
[DIFF] 09:35 Info MarioSanchez [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:59 Info MarinaZ
[DIFF] 01:09 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 01:07 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DELETED] 19:50 Info MegFord Wrong url
[DIFF] 19:49 Info MegFord
[DIFF] 18:34 Info SamThursfield [1-3] #01 still figuring out moinmoin syntax
#02 Fix some grammar & layout
#03 Add minutes from meeting
[DIFF] 17:30 Info AllanDay link to page on document navigation in builder
[DIFF] 17:12 Info MegFord
[DIFF] 15:56 Info AllanDay [1-3] #03 initial plan
[DIFF] 14:49 Info MegFord [1-2]
AllanDay [3-5]
Nuritzi Sanchez [6-7]
#03 more stuff on emphasis
#05 add some parts on tone and clarity
[DIFF] 13:09 Info MichaelCatanzaro Spell openSUSE properly
[DIFF] 12:04 Info ThomasHaller sort plugin list alphabetically
[DIFF] 05:11 Info Nuritzi Sanchez
[DIFF] 17:18 Info BenjaminOtte add core apps hackfest
[DIFF] 13:47 Info MarcusLundblad
[DIFF] 03:37 Info TingweiLan notify-send setlocale added
[DIFF] 21:17 Info EmelElvin [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:10 Info EmelElvin
[DIFF] 16:55 Info SébastienWilmet update
[DIFF] 11:40 Info SébastienWilmet [1-4] #01 add proposal 3
#02 add proposal 2 for handling namespace change
#03 create section Handling namespace change
#04 explain in more details the rationale + 3.24 is ready
[DIFF] 16:09 Info MarinusSchraal
[DIFF] 10:07 Info KunalJain
[DIFF] 10:06 Info KunalJain
[DIFF] 06:50 Info RobertRoth Calculator shortcut window marked as done.
[DIFF] 21:16 Info AlThomas [1-2] #01 Add link to Vala Home
#02 Add Static Code Analysis and Jump to Definition entries for Vim
[DIFF] 21:14 Info AlThomas [1-8] #01 Add link to Vala Tools
#02 Add "Static Code Analysis" and "Jump to Definition" sections
#03 Upload of attachment 'vala.vim'.
#04 Attachment 'vala.vim' deleted.
#05 Update Manual Installation
#06 Add links to Vim and plugin managers
#07 Add more plugin managers
#08 Add vundle section
[DIFF] 16:01 Info LubomirRintel [1-5]
[DIFF] 15:59 Info LubomirRintel [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:57 Info LubomirRintel
[DELETED] 15:51 Info LubomirRintel [1-6]
[DIFF] 15:47 Info LubomirRintel
[DIFF] 15:42 Info LubomirRintel [1-3]
[DIFF] 13:13 Info AndreKlapper Version bump
[DIFF] 11:10 Info AlbertoRuiz
[DIFF] 10:30 Info BinLi
[DIFF] 09:40 Info AllanDay add category
[DIFF] 19:03 Info MohammedSadiq update stable release version
[DIFF] 18:59 Info MohammedSadiq update stable release version
[DIFF] 18:56 Info MohammedSadiq update stable release version
[DIFF] 18:26 Info CosimoCecchi
[DIFF] 18:11 Info AlexandreFranke [1-2] #01 fix typo in month name
#02 add Strasbourg
[DIFF] 13:19 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 10:23 Info AllanDay update with the latest mockups
[DIFF] 10:15 Info AllanDay
[DIFF] 09:20 Info RobertRoth Removed unmaintained note.
[DIFF] 03:55 Info MohammedSadiq [1-6] #01 Add more succeeded modules
#02 update md5sum for new script
#03 Upload of attachment ''.
#04 Attachment '' deleted.
#05 Upload of attachment ''.
#06 Attachment '' deleted.


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