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[DIFF] 06:32 Info JensGeorg
[DIFF] 20:41 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 20:40 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 16:31 Info TingweiLan telepathy-logger 'rewind' conflict resolved
[DIFF] 15:37 Info AllanDay [1-2] #02 add some notes on firefox
[DIFF] 11:20 Info AllanDay advice is that we can post on social media
[DIFF] 11:20 Info AllanDay
[DIFF] 10:46 Info AlexandreFranke update to 3.20.4
[DIFF] 10:38 Info BastienNocera update brightness
[DIFF] 22:05 Info DanielAleksandersen
[DIFF] 21:59 Info DanielAleksandersen [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:49 Info MichaelCatanzaro [1,3]
AdrienPlazas [2]
#01 Add Games2 BoF
#02 Free one of the two Games BoF slots, we probably don't need more than one.
#03 Add Epiphany
[DIFF] 13:47 Info MichaelCatanzaro
[DIFF] 07:16 Info AdrienPlazas [1]
JeffFortin [2]
ChristianHergert [3]
MichaelCatanzaro [4-5]
#01 Add myself to the expected participants.
#02 Add myself and my field of interest
[DIFF] 02:04 Info ChristianHergert
[DIFF] 19:40 Info FelipeBorges [1]
RazvanChitu [2,4]
AlexandruPandelea [3]
#01 added myself to the list of expected participants
[DIFF] 09:08 Info ChristopheFergeau Add Razvan
[DIFF] 04:28 Info MohammedSadiq typo fix in example
[DIFF] 02:27 Info MatthiasClasen [1-4]
[DIFF] 21:13 Info MarinaZ
[DIFF] 21:06 Info MarinaZ
[DIFF] 13:46 Info AllanDay updated mockups
[DIFF] 10:45 Info FelipeBorges
[DIFF] 09:20 Info OliverPropst update tarball due date
[DIFF] 09:13 Info JonasAdahl
[DELETED] 05:52 Info MichaelGratton [1-2] #02 Initial page
[DIFF] 15:56 Info GeorgesNeto I'm working on the Keyboard panel, mark as such
[DIFF] 09:48 Info AllanDay Add some Builder items from Christian's latest blog post
[DIFF] 06:59 Info SébastienWilmet Do not separate page names by spaces, to not screw up Ctrl+F searches
[DIFF] 06:54 Info SébastienWilmet [1-2] #01 Try harder to not add spaces in page names
#02 Do not separate page names by spaces, to not screw up a Ctrl+F search


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