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[DIFF] 18:48 Info EvangelosRibeiroTzaras [1-2] #01 slight rewording
#02 devrtz: Add Calls/MPRIS like freedesktop spec?
[DIFF] 18:13 Info ChristianHergert [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:39 Info MichaelCatanzaro Remove Emmanuele, thanks Emmanuele!
[DIFF] 14:30 Info MichaelCatanzaro Add Emmanuele to emeritus members
[DIFF] 14:12 Info SammyFung add Meeting 0531 of Year 2023
[DIFF] 13:50 Info SammyFung add Meeting 0531 of Year 2023
[DIFF] 20:48 Info ReubenThomas [1-2] #02 Indicate that case and default clauses must end with a break
[DIFF] 20:45 Info ReubenThomas [1-2] #01 Fix typo in example constructor: return type is struct (capitalized)
#02 Fix a reference to a type, which was incorrectly lower case.
[DIFF] 11:14 Info TobiasBernard
[DIFF] 17:12 Info ReginaNkemchorAdejo
[DIFF] 16:17 Info AryanKaushik
[DIFF] 16:07 Info AryanKaushik Added GNOME Users Group Delhi - NCR to the list
[DIFF] 15:11 Info jralls Remove references to obsolete tarball, add .git extension to repo URI.
[DIFF] 14:01 Info jralls Add .git extensions to repo URIs.
[DIFF] 19:20 Info MichaelTerry


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