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[DIFF] 53m ago Info IgnacioCasalQuinteiro
[DIFF] 21:40 Info JuanjoMarin
[DIFF] 21:37 Info apiraino [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:19 Info JuanjoMarin [1-2] #01 new roles
[DIFF] 19:20 Info PhilipChimento Apply new limits as approved in board meeting of October 14
[DIFF] 19:11 Info PhilipChimento Publish minutes 20191007
[DIFF] 19:07 Info PhilipChimento Publish minutes 20190930
[DIFF] 19:04 Info PhilipChimento Publish minutes 20190923
[DIFF] 19:02 Info PhilipChimento Add links
[DIFF] 15:48 Info BaptisteMilleMathias add Carlosg Day 1 report
[DIFF] 08:49 Info CvfosaMmmm
[DIFF] 08:44 Info CarlosGarnacho
[DIFF] 08:26 Info ricotz
[DIFF] 21:11 Info JuanjoMarin [1-2] #01 Wiki page for the annual report in progress: 2019
#02 Add 2018 report wiki page
[DIFF] 21:07 Info JuanjoMarin Template from the previous annual report
[DIFF] 17:25 Info OleAamot Release gnome-internet-radio -locator 2.0.9
[DIFF] 14:19 Info TingweiLan Add merge request link for os-release issue and move ibus issue
[DIFF] 09:53 Info David Bannon small update prior to v0.24
[DIFF] 20:58 Info MarcusLundblad [1-9] #02 Upload of attachment 'FI-Flag-icon.png'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'US-OR-Flag-icon.png '.
#04 Upload of attachment 'US-Flag-icon.png'.
#08 Upload of attachment 'TN-Flag-icon.png'.
#09 Upload of attachment 'FR-Flag-icon.png'.
[CONFLICT] 17:03 Info AllanDay [1-4]
[DIFF] 10:24 Info JulianSparber [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:07 Info OliverPropst [1-3] #01 Philip's blog
[DIFF] 16:43 Info GeorgeKiagiadakis
[DIFF] 13:25 Info AndreaVeri [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:53 Info Clarissa Borges [1-6] #01 Attachment 'Reimbursement_Reque st_-_Clarissa Lima Borges_-_GUADEC__Oct ober_9.ods' deleted.
#02 Attachment 'Flying ticket receipt – Clarissa Borges.pdf' deleted.
#03 Upload of attachment 'Flying ticket receipt – Clarissa Borges.pdf'.
#04 Upload of attachment 'Reimbursement_Reque st_-_Clarissa Lima Borges_-_GUADEC__Oct ober_9.ods'.
#05 Attachment 'Reimbursement_Reque st_-_Clarissa Lima Borges_-_GUADEC__Oct ober_9.ods' deleted.
#06 Upload of attachment 'Reimbursement_Reque st_-_Clarissa Lima Borges_-_GUADEC__Oct ober_9.ods'.
[DIFF] 07:01 Info JensGeorg [1-3]
[DIFF] 05:05 Info SammyFung created 20191008 minutes
[DIFF] 04:56 Info SammyFung add the minutes of 20191008 meeting
[DIFF] 00:28 Info PhilipChimento [1-2] #01 Fix brackets
#02 Add info for compiling VTE with debug info, and printing all debug messages


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