Engagement Team

The Engagement Team works to promote GNOME by helping our communications with users, developers, contributors, partners and anyone else who might be interested in the project.

We want your help! Read our contribution guide for information on how to get started.

Our main activities:

Planning & Organization

Useful Resources

Resources include merchandise designs, photos, screenshots, leaflets and more. Many of these are available for anyone to download and use.

Many Engagement Team resources are stored in cloud.gnome.org. These include:

  • Public resources - contains t-shirt, sticker and badge designs for anyone to download and print.

  • Internal resources - resources that can be used to create publicity materials, including photographs and screenshots.

  • Archive - old materials that aren't recommended for use, but might be useful all the same.

We are actively looking for help to maintain these folders, so please ask an existing member if you want access. Work in progress designs and design source files can be found in the marketing Git repository. Write access to this is managed by the GNOME design team.


In order to help our community do outreach on behalf of GNOME, we have set up some distribution centers to provide SWAG (Stuff We All Get).



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