Engine API

  • Everyone agrees that there won't be GtkWidget* or GdkWindow* in the new engine API. It will be replaced by cairo_t*.

  • Carlos presents his work on GtkStyleContext, a way to push information to the engines' drawing functions.

  • It's pretty obvious that colors and fonts will be part of GtkStyleContext, but not whether it (i) should support arbitrary GObject properties, (ii) any information about the scene graph.

  • Discussion whether a single draw function prototype will suffice for the future engine API, or special casing e.g. for drawing box-gaps will be needed. It might suffice to draw the tab/text into the border area of the notebook/frame whatever, means the gap-filling primitive has to care about connecting correctly.
  • Open issue regarding engine API is how the drawing functions hook into the system. Does the engine have to register drawing functions, do we keep the vtable, or something else?


  • Handled by GtkStyleContext

  • Triggered explicitly by widgets
    • State changes on the whole widget would be done for the developer
  • Added a way to identify different widget regions so they could be animated independently
    • Themes get to know inside the paint functions whether its affected by some animation, the state it is for, and the progress
  • Got GtkButton partly working

    • And a test app in tests!


  • Agreed on GStyleSheet (CSS representation)

  • Try out a GStylable interface to query matched elements/pseudoelements (replaces current style properties)

  • Getting rid of the GDK dependency for engines in a 2.x compatible fashion
  • Agreed GtkStyleContext stores the GStyleSheet+GStylable queries results for a given match

  • Some work on shape support to handle events properly on shaped widgets.
  • Fixes in libcroco to support generic interfaces.


libcroco (Rob)

  • Finish turning the libxml selection engine into a generic selection engine.
  • Implement a libxml instance using the new, generic cascading interface.
  • Port the libcroco testsuite so it uses the slightly changed croco/libxml API.
  • Have stew and guiness for dinner.
  • Result: tests now using the libxml-support (which in turn uses the generic engine) work just as before.


* Sell N810 so I can get more guiness and stew (Rob).

libcroco (Rob)

  • Fix memory leaks in the selection engine.
  • Contact inkscape developers about converging efforts upstream.
  • Submit libcroco patch for review.

Hit detection

  • Started a branch of carlos style context work to let engines return the basic shape.
  • Shape will be either a cairo_surface_t* or cairo_path_t* as they are client side.
  • Transformation matrix (cairo_matrix_t*) should be stored in case the shape is transformed to get hit detection into account.
  • Shape storage is a flag in GtkStyleContext.


Summary of the week

  • Get rid of style properties and replace with a single global padding option (GtkBin)

  • Get rid of GtkStyle and GtkRcStyle (Cody to work on a migration path)

  • API to draw onto a cairo context (hiding GdkWindow and GtkWidget)

  • Using CSS syntax for theme files
  • Using CSS rules to apple to the scenegraph
  • Use FreeDesktop icon name spec instead of a GTK stock icon name spec, and provide built-in icons

  • A GtkStyle replacement that is extensible (garnacho's GtkStyleContext)

  • Deprecate draw_polygon, _diamond and _tab (_shadow?)
  • New GtkStateType (bitfield)

  • List parts of complex widgets
  • draw_part() and small set of primitives (for text, arrow, line)
  • Animation support for both continuous animations and transitions
  • Hit detection for widgets with complex shapes, using either a cairo path or cairo surface returned from the engine
  • ARGB by default
  • Basic CSS support in default engine for 3.0 (the rest of the CSS support in another engine)

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