Lesser humanoid, fancies himself as a programmer.

I'm usually working on GNOME platform libraries (GTK+, GLib) and the GNOME Utilities package. I'm also the maintainer of the next generation UI toolkit called Clutter.

When not working, I walk around London with my wife in search of good places to eat.

stuff I'm working on

old stuff:

  • LibUnique - a library for creating single instance applications - deprecated, use GApplication

  • Gnome2::GConf - GConf - deprecated, use Gio::Settings

  • Gnome2::Print - libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui - deprecated, use GTK+

  • TwitterGlib - a C wrapper around the (almost-) RESTful API provided by Twitter - deprecated

  • recent-files - old recent files code in libegg - deprecated

  • ProjectRidley

Contact me


ebassi (at) gmail (dot) com


ebassi on



ebassi (at) gmail (dot) com


  • GUADEC 2013, Future in the Past: Designing and implementing the GTK scene graph - Notes (PDF)

To Do


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