GTK workspace

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Things that can live here:

  • Draft documentation to be included later in the GTK docs
  • Design documents
  • Proposed API discussions


Come join us and work with us on one of the world's most popular toolkits! We can not directly offer big money, but you get to work on a stable, proven, extensible toolkit, share experience, code and ideas with hundreds of people minded just like you: loving the free and open atmosphere, and free, open code!

We are always, but currently very keenly looking for new developers with preferably present experience with GTK, or another toolkit, firm knowledge of C and a UNIX environment (development with GTK is possible under Windows and Mac OS X, too!), and first and foremost: fresh ideas.

If you think you can contribute to GTK, or already have contributed to GTK with a third-party library and would like to join main development, you can contact us on the GTK Development Mailing List, or directly contribute code on GitLab.

Don't hesitate - join now: we are happy to hear from you!

Getting in Touch

Development Resources

Other OS support

API discussion

Old API Discussions

Other Discussions


Books on GTK

Old initiatives

  • GtkLove - GTK Bug love list (bugs in need of developer attention)

  • GtkTasks - Sign up for project tasks

  • Meetings - GTK Team meetings space

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