GNOME 3.14 Release Video

This video project will cover what's new in GNOME this cycle and is released together with the release notes.


Title Suggestions:

  • Introducing GNOME 3.14
  • The new GNOME 3.14
  • Improving GNOME with 3.14
  • GNOME 3.14 is Here


  • GNOME brings more comfort to users and developers
    • Visual details and animations
    • Multitouch support and gestures
    • App Updates (Maps, Photos, Software, Boxes)
      • Also New search providers for Clocks and Calculator
      • Also New redesigns for GNOME Games
  • For Developers
    • Interactive Debugging with GTK Inspector
    • GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
    • Fundraiser for "Builder"
    • Other exciting changes (Glib & Wayland)

  • Estimated Distribution Releases


Thanks to the hard work of our contributors and thanks to the friends of gnome, we're proud to announce gnome 3.14.

With this release gnome brings an improved desktop for its users and developers. The visual details in gnome have been revised - And new animations have been implemented to improve your user experience. This release also brings better support for multitouch. You can now use swipe and zoom in a multitude of GNOME apps. GNOME Shell also has new gestures, for example when switching workspaces and opening the activities overview.

With help from GNOME's community and from this year's internship participants, a lot of the GNOME apps have received updates [Show all apps with updates]. Over the summer

  • Software now supports App Add-ons.
  • Maps gained navigation routing.
  • Photos can import your photos from Google.
  • Boxes gained snapshot support.
  • And Weather's interface was redesigned.

Furthermore, Clocks and Calculator have new search providers so you can check the time and calculate live in the search field. Suduko & Mines were redesigned for a better gameplay experience - and a new game named Hitori is now part of GNOME Games.

With GNOME 3.14, developers can look forward to a better development environment. GTK has begun an ongoing effort to improve the developer experience. This release ships with GTK Inspector: an interactive debugger made to improve your debugging workflow. GTK also comes with more documentation, including a brand new set of Human Interface Guidelines.

Apart from the news for GTK, this release brings more stability to the gnome compositor in Wayland. Furthermore, Glib has gained new features, like Unicode 7 compliance and support with the new mimeapps spec.

Many distributions will ship GNOME 3.14 in the future. If you can't wait, try out our demo image in the description. Or come join us in making our next GNOME release even greater [link to GetInvolved]. We look forward to getting you started.

Distribution (Suggestions Welcome)

  • Release Notes will provide an embedded youtube video (or HTML 5) video. -bastianilso
  • We will provide a link to a download of the video in the description. -bastianilso
  • I'll prepare a mobile-friendly version of the video for anyone attending conferences. -bastianilso


e.g. suggestions to contents, speaker style and any questions.

  • Can cut the line about Builder fundraiser out if the fundraiser isn't up yet. -bastianilso
  • Boxes: iso downloading, multiple windows, debian express installation, (perhaps?) -bastianilso
  • I believe Gtk+ Inspector is not an app, but a module of Gtk+ instead. -GeorgesNeto

    • removed mention of gtk inspector being an app now -bastianilso

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