Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

About me

  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Website: Georges Stavracas' website

  • Email: <georges.stavracas AT gmail DOT com>

  • IRC: feaneron at #gnome-calendar, #gnome-design, #gnome-todo, #gtk+, #nautilus and #newcomers

Masters student at University of São Paulo

I'm a free and open source software enthusiast living São Paulo, Brazil. While I'm not studying or training, I'm developing GNOME. I'm the main developer and maintainer of Calendar and To Do, and I contribute regularly to Music, Control Center and Nautilus. I acquired plenty of C, Vala, Python & JavaScript experience by contributing.


These are the projects that I maintain or regularly contribute.


Calendar application for GNOME

To Do

Task manager application for GNOME


File manager for GNOME


Music player for GNOME

System Settings

Control your system settings


Graphical Toolkit

Ideas & Additional Pages

Side Projects

Fëaneron, the lone wise spirit

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