How to run the tests

Some easy steps to run the tests:

  • Enable the Assistive Technologies (System -> Preferences -> Assistive Technologies)

  • Restart your GNOME session (log out and log in again)
  • Install LDTP and Python LDTP >= 1.5 on your machine (

  • Get the latest tests from Launchpad:
    • bzr branch lp:mago

  • Go to the newly created folder and run PYTHONPATH=. ./bin/mago. That will run ALL the available tests. On some systems, you might need to set the USER environment variable. On OpenSolaris, for example, set USER to your $LOGNAME.

mago syntax

Usage: mago [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l FILE, --log=FILE   The file to write the log to.
                        One of debug, info, warning, error or critical.
                        Application name to test. Option can be repeated and
                        defaults to all applications
  -s SUITE, --suite=SUITE
                        Suite name to test within applications. Option can be
                        repeated and default to all suites
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  XML file name of the suite to test within
  -t FILE, --target=FILE
                        Target directory for logs and reports. Defaults to:
  -c CASE, --case=CASE  Test cases to run (all, if not specified).


By default, logs are written at ~/.mago. This folder can be changed using the -t option (see above).

Two different logs are written per test:

  • A XML file, easier to parse.
  • A HTML file, better for reporting.

Applications with some test coverage

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