Mago - A Desktop Testing Initiative

The Desktop Testing team aims to automate desktop testing through the AT-SPI layer.
This is a new team that we are willing to start, based on some discussions during last GNOME summit (../TestingUsingAtSpi and followed up in several mailing lists and IRC.


We have set up a project, Mago, built on top of LDTP (, that aims to have a consistent way of writing tests, making them easier to maintain.

Mailing List

GNOME Desktop Testing

Mago Project

The Mago project is hosted in Launchpad at

To can branch the project by typing:

bzr branch lp:mago

The trunk branch is owned by a Launchpad team, mago-contributors, that it is a moderated team. Once you have contributed through merge proposals, you can apply to be part of the team and will be able to push to trunk and review some other members contributions.

You can view the source at


#gnome-testing in


People involved

(Please, add yourself to this list)




Assigned To


Create a wiki page for the project

In progress

LeoJacksoasus eee pc 701 wear solid state swapn

Include GNOME Desktop Testing framework documentation in GNOME wiki

Not started


Convert already available test cases for GNOME to the new framework

In progress



Formatted HEAD URLs:

Create Mago Accessibility test classes and methods

First prototypes are here:


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