Design Notes for a Greeter Plugin System

We have started to throw around some ideas on how to create a plug in system to allow the log in greeter to be adaptable.

Use Cases

Identification / Authentication

  • (Separate?)


NSS is clearly deficient here.

We'd like to be able to (at least):

  • Query / store user photos (avatars)
  • Query user account status in an implementation/backend independent way (locked, expired etc)
  • Query the user's real world name etc (ie. not just gecos)
  • Receive user added / removed notifications
  • Receive user property changed notifications (picture / real name / etc changed)
  • Domain / realm chooser
    • Should only be displayed when applicable
  • Username text entry
    • Perhaps only displayed when there is a remote Directory Service source.
  • Face browser
    • Should "remember" most recent / frequent users on this particular seat


One problem is how to display the prompts for the various modules marked as sufficient.

  • PAM module specific UI
  • Ability to authenticate against web services (may not translate well as a PAM module)
  • Password reminder support
  • Self service password reset

Relevant Art

Other Operating Systems


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