New Design

GDM was rewritten during the GNOME 2.21 release cycle.


  • Better fast-user-switching support (bug #343539 etc)

  • Enable a smarter people chooser in the greeter
  • Better ConsoleKit integration (seat awareness, coordination etc)

  • Facilitate creating a new blingier greeter
  • Dynamically configure displays
  • Allow session agents to run in the greeter session (gnome-power-manager etc)
  • Have the ability to only run a single greeter per seat (currently gdmflexiserver will start any number of them)
  • Use PolicyKit for reboot etc authorization/handling

  • Use a better configuration mechanism that is more compatible with a hypothetical systemwide D-Bus based GConf
  • Provide a D-Bus API so that agents like fast-user-switch applet can be written more easily and operate more efficiently
  • Fix all the horrible non-reentrant POSIX signal handling and various race conditions in the current code (bug #336549 etc)

  • Make it easier to do "hot desking" type things
  • Use a more modern design to simplify maintence and enhance flexibility (use of GObject etc)
  • Use a more robust, secure, and flexible IPC

Design Details

Design Workspaces


See the ../ToDo list for work to be done.

Status Updates

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