Install GNOME development environment on Arch Linux

GNOME development packages

The following a list of requisite packages to setup JHBuild on Arch Linux.

$ sudo pacman -Syy gnome-common yelp-tools intltool cvs docbook-xsl js185 ragel gperf ruby xorg-util-macros xf86-input-wacom base-devel openssh gtk-doc python2-dbus glib2-docs cmake

Install the developer-tools

First you need to install the basic tools needed for GNOME development:

  • anjuta - Integrated development environment

  • glade - Interface designer

  • devhelp - API Browser

To do so, install these packages using pacman:

$ sudo pacman -S anjuta glade devhelp

Install required packages for your favourite programming language

Decide which programming language you are going to use and install the appropriate packages for one or more languages. Unlike other distributions, in Arch Linux based distributions, development headers are included with the binary package itself, that is to say, there is no separate "-devel" or "-dev" package. The following subsections will the packages you have to install:


For C programming, you will need the following packages. Headers and other additional linker information are included in the binary package itself.

$ sudo pacman -S gtk3 gstreamer clutter webkitgtk3 libgda gobject-introspection


$ sudo pacman -S gcc

For C++ programming you need to install the development version of the important GNOME libraries. Those contain the header files and additional linker information:

$ sudo pacman -S gtkmm gstreamermm webkitgtk3 libgdamm

The cluttermm package is available through AUR:


Python uses GObjectIntrospection which means you don't need to install additional development libraries but you should be sure to have a decent python environment installed though this is the default in Fedora. Also you need to install the pygobject package to be able to use introspection:

$ sudo pacman -S python pygobject


As the Vala compiler actually translates your code into C code you will have to install all the packages listed in the C section and in addition you need to install the vala compiler:

$ sudo pacman -S vala libgee


JavaScript uses GObjectIntrospection which means you don't need to install additional development libraries but you need to have the JavaScript intepreter installed though this is the default in Fedora:

$ sudo pacman -S gjs

Note there is also Seed which is another JavaScript implementation used in GNOME but the examples on are all done with gjs.

Install additional libraries needed for the GStreamer demos

If you want to follow the tutorials on you need to install some additional GStreamer packages:

  • gstreamer-plugins-bad-free
  • gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-extras

Keep this page up-to-date

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