Javascript in GNOME

There are currently two projects working on using JavaScript in GNOME:

  • Gjs, based on Mozilla's Spidermonkey engine

  • Seed, based on WebKit's JavaScriptCore

Both use GObjectIntrospection to dynamically create bindings to various GNOME libraries.

The two projects have been in friendly competition, but since the adoption of Gjs by GNOME Shell, its usage has become more prevalent. Both were at an early stage, and it was unclear whether they would merge, if one will eventually be abandoned, or if there would continue to be two slightly incompatible JavaScript bindings. See this thread on desktop-devel-list.

There is a mailing list to discuss the use of Javascript in GNOME. It's intended for users of the Gjs and Seed language bindings, it'd also apply to generic Javascript within the GNOME framework.

Also there is an IRC channel: #javascript at GimpNet (

Why yes, I did make this page just because I was sick of seeing the word "JavaScript" as a broken link everywhere

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