GUADEC Committee: 13 February 2012 Meeting

Meeting Information

IRC channel: irc://

Time: 16:00 - 17:30 UTC

  • 08:00 Los Angeles/San Francisco
  • 11:00 Boston/Montreal/New York
  • 16:00 London
  • 17:00 Berlin/Madrid


  1. Call for Contributors / Program Committee
    • Call for Contributors/Papers
    • Submission system
    • Material licences and authorisation for recording/publish videos.
  2. Sponsors
    • Board approval of sponsorship levels and discount?
    • Status on contacting this years' potential sponsors
  3. Registration system
    • Conference fees. yes/no ? Ammount ?
  4. Colaboration with marketing team
  5. Local Team Status
  6. 2013
    • Has board decided whether this will be a GUADEC or DS?
    • If GUADEC, we need to put out a call for bids soon.
  7. Other Items

Meeting Minutes





Action Items



17:03:51 txenoo: are we ready to start the meeting ?
17:05:54 txenoo: Te agenda is available here
17:06:25 txenoo: First topic: Call for Contributors / Program Committee

    Call for Contributors/Papers
    Submission system
     Material licences and authorisation for recording/publish videos. 
17:06:59 txenoo: As you know vuntz presented during last meeting the GUADEC program committee
17:07:31 txenoo: we had an almost final version of the Call for Papers
17:08:16 txenoo: on the other side the contributions submission system is now working pending of having a final URL
17:08:32 txenoo:
17:10:25 txenoo: vuntz: has been setting up the management system in order to adapt the Call for Abstracts to their needs.
17:12:06 txenoo: I'm going to enable the system so you can check how it will be
17:12:49 txenoo:
17:12:51 karenesq: great!
17:13:16 txenoo: please don't submit your abstracts in this minutes 
17:14:36 txenoo: In order to submit an article is mandatory to create an account in the indico system. This is different to register in the conference.
17:14:49 txenoo:
17:15:59 yippi: hi
17:16:05 yippi: sorry i'm late
17:16:27 karenesq: hi yippi!
17:17:00 karenesq: txenoo: ok to create an account to test it?
17:17:09 txenoo: You could create an account
17:17:14 txenoo: it will be valid in the future
17:17:24 txenoo: is just the user in the system
17:18:11 txenoo: users then will be able to sent their abstracts, make their registration in the conference, or upload the documentation related to his talk (slides, etc )
17:19:04 williamfromtexas: will the indico system be also used in the conference registration system?
17:19:14 vuntz: yes
17:19:21 txenoo: vuntz: about the possibility to remove fields in the user registration as far as i could review is not possible without getting into the code.
17:19:59 vuntz: txenoo: yeah, that's what I guessed. No big deal
17:20:09 txenoo: the registration system won't be enabled at this moment because we need several things to clarify at this moment. But when we decide about them setting it up won't be difficult.
17:22:12 txenoo: we should review the css of the indico, but at this moment is enough to publish the call for papers one we have the final URL
17:23:31 txenoo: About the url, i've been thinking in using the and just get a SSL certificate for the server not self-signed
17:24:36 txenoo: In the website we will create a section with the call for papers with a link to this URL for the submission
17:24:49 karenesq: is there some reason why we won't use the domain for this?
17:25:35 txenoo: the technical reason is about having 2 SSL certificates in the same IP for two different domains and
17:26:25 txenoo: We could a second IP for the but we will need to get a SSL certificate
17:28:00 txenoo: Our DNS provider provides us a SSL certificate for free for the so we could avoid the annoying message that we are connecting an insecure website 
17:28:05 txenoo: what's your opinion ?
17:28:17 gpoo: we can get a certificate for free in StartSSL
17:29:02 gpoo: it could be a subdomain of, such as, or something like that
17:29:20 gpoo: it will be valid for 1 year
17:29:22 txenoo: so if it is possible we could get a second ip for this server
17:30:12 williamfromtexas: i think the subdomain idea is good, it makes it easy to remember
17:30:24 karenesq: I agree - that's a great idea
17:31:50 williamfromtexas:, registration.g.o, hotel? (rialta?)
17:32:25 txenoo: but papers, registration and everything will be in the same app
17:32:52 txenoo: so at the end we will have an indico url
17:33:41 txenoo: we could do redirects , because we wouldn't have a homepage for each subdomain.
17:36:25 txenoo: gpoo: what would we need to request the startssl certificate ?
17:37:22 gpoo: contact the sysadmin team.
17:37:54 gpoo: fwiw, it is not like we have a pool of SSL certificates.  It just StartSSL gives free certificates to education, personal, non-profits institutions
17:38:43 gpoo: just to keep in mind, though
17:39:33 karenesq: that's good to know gpoo 
17:40:02 txenoo: So action will be request an ssl certificate to sysadmins for domain
17:40:41 txenoo: i would like to introduce another topic regarding the  call for papers.
17:41:03 txenoo: This week in GPUL have been reviewed the material from other conferences we organized
17:41:49 txenoo: and someone raised the topic of the licenses of the materials and the authorization for publishing them and the video recording in the event
17:42:50 txenoo: do we have any kind of policy in previous GUADEC that speakers had to agree before to submitting a talk ?
17:44:36 gpoo: no, afair.
17:45:48 gpoo: can we do that in a form to check whether to agree or not? or should it be a signed paper? (the later would be a pain)
17:46:23 txenoo: I would just think about using a tick in the form
17:46:29 karenesq: have we had a code of conduct for guadec in the past?
17:46:56 williamfromtexas: i think the DS had one
17:46:58 williamfromtexas: i will look for it
17:47:00 gpoo: karenesq: I think txenoo mean we need permission of the authors to record and publish their videos
17:47:18 gpoo: and documents/paper/slides/whatever they send
17:47:27 txenoo: yes and the same for the material, it would be really nice having all the slides and documents available after guadec
17:47:33 karenesq: gpoo: yeah I know, but it also reminded me that we should have a code of conduct as well
17:47:44 txenoo: but we need to ensure they have a Free Culture License
17:47:51 karenesq: and maybe build the two together for speaker submission
17:49:37 karenesq: but I agree, we should do what we need to to get things rolling
17:49:53 * karenesq goes to look at LCA, as they were applauded by the Ada Initiative
17:49:59 williamfromtexas:
17:50:11 williamfromtexas: here's gnomes:
17:51:05 williamfromtexas: i think we could use the DS one, modified. dneary had a hand in creating it
17:52:50 dneary: williamfromtexas, It's mostly a very slightly modified versioon of the GeekFeminism one - intended to be more affirming than restrictive
17:52:51 txenoo: We don't know yet the conference team t-shirts but it quite ok
17:53:12 dneary: williamfromtexas, In brief, I prefer "you should" rathe than "you must not"
17:53:13 vuntz: hrm, fwiw, it seems we're only able to add text fields/entries to the form in the call for talks
17:53:29 vuntz: or I don't see how to add a simple checkbox 
17:53:57 karenesq: I like the DS one, and it's more specific than our code of conduct
17:54:05 vuntz: so this might make things difficult for the license selection
17:54:20 vuntz: (code of conduct should go in the registration thing, imho, and that should be possible there)
17:54:37 karenesq: vuntz: good point, all attendees should agree, rather than just speakers
17:55:04 williamfromtexas: also available as an item on the website. people will want to know who to contact for emergencies
17:55:52 karenesq: I think I've spoken at conferences where the talk proposal site just says by submitting you agree that you have the right to use and distribute the materials in your talk and you grant permission to the conference to record and redistribute that material
17:56:13 karenesq: in at least one situation I had to call the conference to get them to agree in writing that all of my materials would be freely licensed by them
17:57:09 karenesq: but the default was granting all permission
18:00:11 txenoo: vuntz: it is only possible to use inputtext and texareas
18:00:23 txenoo: i've just reviewed the documentation
18:00:30 txenoo:
18:00:55 vuntz: hrm, so doesn't make it easy to add a field about licensing
18:03:21 williamfromtexas: i created a pad to help edit the attendee policy
18:03:29 williamfromtexas: i already changed the numbers to spain 
18:03:49 txenoo: we can do it when they fill when they fill the registration form just to ensure they are speakers and they had chosen a license
18:04:55 txenoo: And we could simply include a input test Yes/No in the abstracts submission
18:05:02 txenoo: input text
18:05:27 gpoo: bbl
18:11:36 txenoo: I've just modified the call for abstract
18:11:42 txenoo: so it incldues two extra fields
18:12:47 karenesq: very cool txenoo 
18:13:12 karenesq: williamfromtexas: thanks for putting that up, I'm making some changes to incorporate a few things from LCA that I think are good
18:13:20 williamfromtexas: ok
18:15:27 txenoo: We could go to next step 
18:15:45 txenoo: Did board approval of sponsorship levels and discount? 
18:16:04 williamfromtexas: i don't know yet
18:16:09 txenoo: karenesq: do we have any news about this topico ?
18:16:13 txenoo: topic ?
18:17:50 williamfromtexas: maybe we shuold ask a designer to lay it out, and then assuming everything or only some numbers change then we'll be ready
18:18:06 williamfromtexas: *everything is ok
18:18:11 karenesq: sorry, was editing the code. I think that's the best idea
18:18:19 karenesq: the board originally only had the one comment
18:18:55 karenesq: I think it's best to move forward with design, and get board approval in parallel (it's been sent to the board now for their approval)
18:18:59 williamfromtexas: cool. since you'll be approaching, is it wise to make contact w/o a brochure, or would you prefer with it?
18:19:46 txenoo: it would be good to open the section about sponsoring in the website ASAP
18:20:22 txenoo: so we should go and check with the marketing team to review it the could work on it
18:20:31 karenesq: It would be great to have the brochure, but I'll start making contact this week and say that a brochure is coming
18:20:37 williamfromtexas: ok, txenoo, maybe you can post the sponsor text and the attendee policy
18:20:55 karenesq: or rather, once the board approves
18:20:55 williamfromtexas: i can ask in gnome-design if someone can do something simple
18:21:09 txenoo: ok
18:22:52 txenoo: Probably we could move next topic to the next meeting
18:23:35 txenoo: it is about checking if we will have a conference fee.
18:23:45 yippi: how many months of planning do we have left before GUADEC?
18:24:25 txenoo: 5 months
18:24:29 karenesq: 5?
18:24:32 txenoo: a bit more
18:25:04 txenoo: the stopers for the registation are basically know the prices for the fees
18:25:52 karenesq: have we had registration fees in the past?
18:25:54 txenoo: and checking witch kind of services could be included in the registration: meals at the university or residence
18:26:57 txenoo: In the past GUADEC has had registration fees. And there where different discounts to students, or gnome foundation members
18:27:15 txenoo: Speakers don't use to pay the fee either.
18:27:22 karenesq: ah right
18:27:54 williamfromtexas: wasn't there a professional-level reg at 2010, that spposidely had a special event
18:29:25 txenoo: The profesional level in the past was just an excuse so that people from companies could paid an extra if they wanted.
18:31:00 txenoo: sponsored participants don't pay fees too
18:34:03 txenoo: so we need to take a decision about this subject next meeting
18:34:29 txenoo: on the other side you have talked at 14:00 about the keynotes, as far i could see at the log
18:35:30 williamfromtexas: ah community keynotes
18:36:14 williamfromtexas: well i thought that in the past GUADEC had had highlighted community speakers, but now i think that DS just had it
18:37:06 williamfromtexas: so maybe it's something we can try, to high light a particular issue like a11y, but if we pull someone from outside it's an external keynote anyways, so what's the point..
18:37:16 williamfromtexas: 
18:37:25 karenesq: I think an external keynote is the way to go with a11y
18:37:41 karenesq: people are hearing from the a11y team at the conference, they know they'll be at guadec
18:38:03 karenesq: bringing in someone else who's an inspiring speaker to talk about the high level concerns of accessibility and usability could be awesome
18:38:56 txenoo: karenesq: i agree a11y team will be ther sure and they will probably sent talks, it's part of the job from program committee  to include part of it in the program
18:39:50 karenesq: yep!
18:40:05 txenoo: probably it will make sense having a keynote and 2-3 talks about a11y from community people as a track (one morning/afternoon) in the main hall.
18:40:06 karenesq: I mean, nothing wrong with featuring our own a11y team's speakers
18:40:33 karenesq: but I think it will help them if we have a solid keynoter to inspire
18:40:54 karenesq: yeah I think we'll have to see what the overall presentations look like, a lot of that will rest on the papers committee, no?
18:40:59 karenesq: but I like the way you're thinking
18:41:20 williamfromtexas: too bad jrocha's missing this
18:42:02 karenesq: we have a lot of good suggestions already
18:42:17 karenesq: and I'm really hunting for some other good keynoter possibilities in this area
18:42:25 karenesq: we're going to have to put a deadline on it soon though
18:42:37 txenoo: i agree.
18:42:47 txenoo: at least a list of preferences
18:43:02 karenesq: what did people think of asking Miguel to speak? It is our big anniversary
18:43:03 txenoo: and some people that we would like to have here in any case
18:43:14 karenesq: or Miguel and Frederico together?
18:43:33 txenoo: karenesq: i was just thinking the same, about a join talk
18:44:22 karenesq: that would be pretty fun if they were up for it
18:45:14 txenoo: about the keynotes
18:46:10 txenoo: the conference use to deal with the travel expenses, accommodation and picking them at the airport
18:46:56 txenoo: In the past, have GUADEC paid anything to an external speaker ?
18:46:59 karenesq: that is customary for keynotes (not necessarily the picking them up at the airport, but everything else)
18:47:11 karenesq: I don't know about any honorariums though
18:49:21 txenoo: at least in 2006 we didn't 
18:50:38 karenesq: dneary: do you know the answer to this one?
18:50:56 dneary: karenesq, We don't offer honoraria
18:51:12 karenesq: ha, thanks for the grammar correction 
18:51:15 karenesq: that makes sense to me
18:51:16 dneary: (grammar nazi insists on correct plural)
18:51:48 dneary: karenesq, And we haven't always succeeded in offering the VIP service I'd like - but then it's a volunteer conference
18:51:52 txenoo: i don't remember my latin lessons 
18:52:29 dneary: We didn't pick people up from the airport in Berlin, for example, because there was an insurance & responsibility concern about volunteers driving on conference business
18:52:50 dneary: But we paid for taxis, and I made a point of personally greeting keynotes when they arrived on site
18:53:28 karenesq: dneary: my experience as a keynoter has been very varied, but so long as there's budget for travel and a place to stay that's arranged for me (and a single point of contact for problems) things seem to be ok
18:53:44 dneary: In Gran Canaria we did the picking people up at the airport thing, and people appreciated it as a nice touch
18:53:45 karenesq: though I've also been told that I'm a low maintenance keynoter 
18:53:51 karenesq: yeah it is a nice touch
18:54:14 dneary: karenesq, You've been an LCA keynote - that's the experience I'd like to shoot for
18:56:04 txenoo: i think we could close the session, in 5 minutes
18:56:33 txenoo: williamfromtexas: I would like to review the collaboration proposal with marketing team
18:56:44 williamfromtexas: k
18:56:49 karenesq: dneary: there were some logistical goof ups with LCA
18:56:54 karenesq: for the keynoters
18:57:09 dneary: Aside from the cockroaches/crickets, I mean 
18:57:19 karenesq: that resulted in some of us not getting the benefits that normal speakers got
18:57:32 karenesq: because they handled our registration differently
18:57:42 williamfromtexas: txenoo: those were just some milestones that i picked out of the announcements form 2010
18:57:59 txenoo: williamfromtexas: cheking your email and pad
18:58:08 williamfromtexas: txenoo: even if we put them into some sort of timeline and give this to the marketing team it will be useufl, so they know what to expect and can help spread the news
18:58:21 txenoo:
18:58:24 karenesq: dneary: Jake, for example, didn't get breakfast for the first 2 days, and there was very little around to buy
19:00:34 txenoo: we are viewewing the pad
19:00:59 txenoo: and probably we could review the dates for publishing the call for lightening talks
19:01:40 txenoo: at this moment we don't have volunteers to handle it 
19:02:19 karenesq: volunteers to handle the call for lightening talks?
19:02:33 dneary: can be done later
19:07:59 txenoo: I've just proposed some dates in the pad
19:08:20 txenoo: williamfromtexas: what do you think about them
19:08:45 williamfromtexas: yes, saw that, many thanks
19:09:22 williamfromtexas: i also put keynote speaker announcements in there around may, as i recall it from previously
19:09:33 williamfromtexas: may/june
19:10:35 williamfromtexas: i think the hotel system should be online in march, even before the conf registration
19:10:56 williamfromtexas: some people like to book their air tickets and hotel well in advance, and don't mind if conf registration is later
19:11:47 karenesq: it's not really a hotel, right? we should probably avoid using that term to avoid confusion (and use something like accomodations)
19:12:30 karenesq: williamfromtexas: definitely, and it helps people have lead time to get approval for their travel budget from their employers
19:12:59 williamfromtexas: yeah, both the accommodation system and maybe also preferred hotels, if anyone wants to be posh.. 
19:13:48 williamfromtexas: txenoo: can we say it will be up in march?
19:16:55 txenoo: yes probably we could deal with it in march
19:17:00 txenoo: we have the form form the hotel
19:17:54 txenoo: and we should only need to serve as gateway between the "accomodation" Rialta the attendees.
19:18:19 williamfromtexas: cool
19:19:10 txenoo: I have a pending meeting with the council tourist office to review possibilities for supporting the conference, so people interested in a hotel in the city center could have some kind of discount.
19:19:30 txenoo: but the responsible has been delaying it for two weeks
19:19:37 williamfromtexas: the marketing team will put GUADEC news on the front page
19:19:46 williamfromtexas: *not the news about the guy delaying
19:22:13 williamfromtexas: how's the local team?
19:22:32 txenoo: we had a meeting last week
19:22:42 txenoo: we are checking the possibilities for the meals
19:22:59 txenoo: and about the different kinds of menus for people with special needs.
19:24:16 txenoo: In next weeks, when weather becames warmer some people will be involved in reviewing the possible venues for the social events
19:24:41 txenoo: On the other side we are analyzing different public subsidies for the organization of GUADEC
19:24:43 williamfromtexas: don't forget a soccer field
19:25:14 txenoo: williamfromtexas: the soccer field shouldn't be a problem because is in front of the Faculty and it is owned by the university.
19:25:29 txenoo: Regarding the subsidies we need to evaluate some implications about image
19:25:59 txenoo: beacuse this subsidies imply that the logo of the regional goverment should be present and quite big in the website
19:26:27 txenoo: and i don't know how this would match with our sponsorship brochure.
19:27:07 txenoo: We are trying to get between 5k-10k for paying different expenses.
19:27:49 txenoo: some options is to pay accomodation for sponsored participants or expenes of the keynotes.
19:28:01 txenoo: But we are still at the point of application for the subsidies.
19:29:11 williamfromtexas: how many ppl come to the meetings? is there good volunteer support?
19:30:01 txenoo: we organize the meetings at late night 22:15 at the irc 
19:30:33 txenoo: we are normally arround 10-12 fixed people
19:32:03 txenoo: Core team is arround 15 people, but probably will double it in the pre-conference
19:32:24 williamfromtexas: nice
19:33:23 txenoo: I should leave, i have to go to my French lessons 
19:35:18 txenoo: Thanks to everyone
19:35:27 williamfromtexas: thanks to you
19:35:33 williamfromtexas: ciao
19:35:48 txenoo: next meeting will be 27th February
19:36:22 karenesq: thanks txenoo!
19:45:11 dneary: Lightning talks are usually organised closer to the conference
19:45:25 dneary: (or should be, IMHO  à

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