Can someone be so kind to make me a hackergotchi for Planet GNOME?

You can use this photo of me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johanneshjensen/4064058842/

I can be reached by email: <joh AT SPAMFREE pseudoberries DOT com>, or on IRC: joh @ Freenode or GimpNet

Let me know if you have any questions :-)

Thanks a lot!

- JohannesJensen

What do you think about this?


Let me know which sizes you need.

- MartinLettner


A few minor details (from [HackergotchiGuidelines]):

  • make sure the photo is sharp. After you have scaled the image down, run the sharpness filter on it.
  • Strong shadow (tip! use a copy of the face, make it all dark, offset it and blur it a lot)

So if you could you make it a bit sharper and add a shadow then it will be perfect :-)

Regarding size and format:

  • The image needs to saved as PNG with full alpha channel for transparency.
  • The dimensions of the image should be 100x100.

Could I also have the full size version? :-)

Thank you!

- JohannesJensen

OK, I think this is it:


Fullsize PNG attached. If you need other sizes, just open the fullsize PNG with Gimp and scale it ;)

100px: JohannesJensen_100_2.png and fullsize: JohannesJensen_full.png.

- MartinLettner

Aaah, perfect! Thank you so much!

If you're ever in Norway, there will be a beer waiting for you in Trondheim :-)

- JohannesJensen

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