Technology Integration

We can more deeply integrate new technology that has appeared since the beginning of the 2.x series.

  • Cairo

  • Kickarse graphics library (like Apple's CoreImage)

  • Powerful Indexer like Tracker orBeagle

  • Consistent use of GStreamer framework for audio sanity
  • New panel and applets design (again, see AppletsRevisited)

  • Tight tie-in with frameworks like Evolution-Data-Server and Galago throughout
  • Lamps!! (ok, maybe not)

  • Introduce Metadata throughout the desktop
  • Follow the LonghornFS path and back everything with postgres so that we get better metadata, queryability, etc.
  • Make interaction between users/computers over the network seamless
    • may be a good idea to have a common protocol
    • show documents shared by friends/groups along side your documents
    • should stuff with creative commons licenses automatically be verified, then shared?
  • Use something like NX to separate the physical location of a machine from where a user works.

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