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/!\ This page is a scratchpad of ideas and thoughts from developers within and beyond the project. It does not intend to represent a coherent plan or design for a future version of GNOME. Consider that anyone with an account on this wiki can contribute to this page. That said, dive in, and enjoy the vast melting pot of ideas!

JohnWilliams: Try to keep this page as an overall Table of Contents or Index to the Vast Melting Pot of Ideas (tm), rather than filling it up with commentary (as it was previously)


Goals And Organization

User Interface Ideas

Development and Infrastructure

Wiki Repository

Unified Icon Style

Scanner API

Object Model Environment

.Net and Mono

Desktop Integration

Lightweight Design

Copy & Paste

New Calendar widget

Integrated Search and Metadata

Peer-to-peer API

Data Comprehension, Differencing, Synchronization, Conversion

Integrated Power Management

Even more scalable user interfaces

libthreepointzero - OO API suited for wrapping to modern languages

Using DirectFB or similar (AndreyGavrilov)

File management applications (rhythmbox,f-spot,etc) as top level storage locations (JohnStultz)

An optimal file manager

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