Evolution 2.28

Evolution 2.28 Planning

We are adding tasks that will be considered for Evolution 2.28. Once the proposals gets finalized they will be part of the task list with a owner and target milestone along with the status.

Task List

Disk summary regressions on vfolder Target: 2.27.x

 Owner: Srini
 '''Status: Yet to start on pending issues.'''

Delta Sync for Exchange GAL Target: 2.27.1

 Owner: Srini
 '''Status: Almost done.'''

Exchange Smartcard authentication Target: 2.27.x

 Owner: Bharath
 '''Status: Patch ready. GAL not done.'''

WebKit for Rendering Target: 2.27.1

 Owner: Srini
 '''Status: Partly done. '''

Exchange MAPI Improvments Target: 2.25.x

 Owner: Johnny
 '''Status: In progress [[Evolution/MAPIProvider]]'''

Calendar Cache/Thread rewrite Target: 2.27.x

 Owner: Chen
 '''Status: Done'''

Bonobo less Evolution Target: 2.27.1

 Owner: Matthew Barnes
 '''Status: In progress See [[Evolution/KillBonobo]] for updates.'''



** (GNOME seems to be going the route of http://www.conduit-project.org/ so perhaps this should be considered instead of opensync?)


  • IMAP ACL support ?
  • Server Side rules (IMAP/Exchange), manageSIEVE
  • Custom mail headers while sending mails
  • Better support for IMAP offline mode (caching everything in background for first time, instead caching single message when click on it)



PDA Sync

Evolution support for Windows Mobile OS.

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