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Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality. Check the Privacy Policy sub-page for a general information about user data usage.

Online Support

  • First consult the Evolution Manual.

  • The evolution-users at mailing list is the best place to seek further assistance with using Evolution, for example when you have problems. Subscribe here.
    Although you can also use GNOME Discourse (with the evolution tag), the mailing list may be preferable due to wider community participation.

  • Many Evolution developers and users can also be found on Libera Chat IRC, channel #gnome-evolution.

  • Bugs and feature requests can be filled under GNOME issue tracker, depending on the place of the issue, but it's fine when it's filled against other project, because issues can be moved between projects there. New issues can be filled in the GNOME GitLab instance, namely for evolution-data-server, evolution, evolution-ews and evolution-mapi. Always search it for any existing reports, even closed, to not create unnecessary duplicates. Also mention your versions, because it's possible that the issues had been already fixed (especially when Long Term Support distributions provide older versions).

Evolution in Flatpak

Flathub contains the latest stable version. Users can build and run the latest stable (or development) Evolution in Flatpak, even on older distributions. A detailed guide can be found on the Evolution Flatpak sub-page.

Get the Source Code

The Evolution project releases its source code as tarball files, from which Free Software distributors can create easily-installable binary packages for users.

Most likely your Free Software distribution (Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu, etc.) already provides binary packages for Evolution. The following links are only for the source code.

The latest stable releases are the 3.50 series. Tarballs can be found for these various components (see also the ".news" files accompanying them for a list of changes):

The latest development snapshot tarballs (3.51 series, what will become 3.52) can be found below (after the first 3.51 release):

Or you can clone the source code repositories with git:

  • git clone (Browse)

  • git clone (Browse)

  • git clone (optional, for Microsoft Exchange servers) (Browse)

  • git clone (optional, for old Microsoft Exchange servers) (Browse)

You can also view the schedule of upcoming releases.

Developer Resources

Reference Manuals

  • The Camel (for email), Evolution-Data-Server, Evolution Shell, Evolution Utilities, Evolution Mail Composer and Evolution Mail Formatter developer documentation can be installed together with the development files in respective distributions.

The following materials have aged. Some parts are no longer accurate and need a rewrite.

Evolution-EWS (Exchange Web Services)



User Documentation

IRC nick names in brackets.


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