Evolution 2.12 Planning

We are adding tasks that will be considered for Evolution 2.12. Once the proposals gets finalized they will be part of the task list with a owner and target milestone along with the status.

Task List

SPAM Rework Target: 2.12.1

 Owner: Srini
 Fix Learn as HAM
 Add bogofilter to plugin base
 Add support for pluggable JUNK filters. User should be able to choose the default junk filter of the available plugins
 Provide a interface for providing options for filters. Currently SA options are in Core mailer code.
 '''Status: Committed to trunk'''

Backup Restore support Target: 2.12.1

 Owner: Srini
 Test  the backup-restore plugin. Currently .evolution, gconf are backedup/overlayed.
 Improve the interface for asking the details to import/restore
 Add camel-certs also the backup list. Passwords wont be under this list.
 Evaluate the option to overlay on Evolution assistant setup (New account).
 '''Status: Committed to trunk. Needs more testing'''

Target: 2.12.x

 Owner: Sankar
 Ability to add custom labels to messages
 Sync the label to server (All/Supported ?)
 Assign/delete messages labels
 Bug: see patches at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=211353
 '''Status: Under development'''

Google Calendar backend Target: 2.12.x

 Owner: Harish/Chenthill with GSoc Student
 Add a account setup for Google Calendar.
 Ability to view/modify/add/send appointment through Evolution
 '''Status: Almost complete. Target moved to 2.14'''

Evolution/System Timezone Merger Target: 2.12.6

 Owner: Chenthill
 Instead of maintaining own timezone under EDS, merge it with system timezone information.
 '''Status: Committed'''

Fix and Refactor Printing Target: 2.12.x

 Owner: Matthew
 Clean up Evolution's printing code to better utilize GtkPrint.  Also fix several rendering
 and pagination bugs.  We're open to ideas on making the printed output look nicer.
 '''Status: Mailer printing work complete.  Contacts and other components will probably have
 to wait until post-2.12.'''

Migrate to GtkUIManager Target: 2.12.x

 Owner: Matthew
 Migrate from BonoboUI to GtkUIManager, starting with the composer.  Will likely only finish
 the composer in time for Evolution 2.12.
 '''Status: Started, but on hold at the moment. - Update: Target to 2.14'''

New mail notification Target: 2.12.2

 Owner: Srini
 Add new mail notification support in Evolution. Integrate with tray and libnotify.
 '''Status: completed'''

Evolution RSS feed Target: 2.11.5

 Owner: Cooly
 Move setup RSS to evolution preferences, while creating a new config item.
 Hook read RSS in Send/receive event.
 '''Status: Started'''

Evolution to Copy/Paste with Formatting Target: 2.11.5

 Owner: Cooly
 When copying from a text widget in evolution calendar or task only ICalendar data gets pasted in the clipboard.
 '''Status: Bug'''



** (GNOME seems to be going the route of http://www.conduit-project.org/ so perhaps this should be considered instead of opensync?)

  • Sync GNOME and Evolution versions GNOME 2.20/Evolution 2.20
  • Split UI
  • Unified Account Management

** maybe reusing libslab (control-center) would be something to look at ?


  • Disk-summary
  • IMAP ACL support ?
  • Server Side rules (IMAP/Exchange), manageSIEVE
  • Custom mail headers while sending mails
  • Better support for IMAP offline mode (caching everything in background for first time, instead caching single message when click on it)
  • A seperate field for specifying the server port (e.g.: 993 for imap-ssl). not only beginners come from mail programs (e.g. outlook) with such a field and without the knowledge, that it can be done via: mail.server:993. (additionally, e-mail providers have documentated the several ports, but an engaged and secure thinking beginner don't know, hot to put it in evolution ;) a simplier solution: let evolution choose the ports automatically for standard ports. a solution, but not beginner-friendly: give a hint in the ui, how the port must be specified.


  • 127558 - Bugzilla Task Backend

  • Tasklist Improvements (More quick search and advanced search options)
  • Support for copying from a task widget in evolution to the calendar with formatting.

Exchange support

  • Exchange Delegates support (Mail/Calendar)
  • Exchange Summary support (Show from cache)


  • Work out calendar tooltip slugish behaviour (bug #)

**Can you be more descriptive. Please give the bug id if there are any. ***Tooltip on calendar events is really slow to (re)draw so on slow computer you often see a not so nice trace when moving the mouse a bit fast, will search for a bug ID or fill one ASAP


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