Hosting a very cool ThreePointZero Launch Party in my college CMRIT, Bangalore, India.

Have some talks and presentations. Live installations and features show off. Followed by some cake and food. The goal is to attract and inform students about a new GNOME release.


Note: These are just ideas and is subject to discussion and change

Exact date yet to be decided but the most probable day would be Saturday following the release.


Most probably the AV Hall or the cafeteria. but can also try for the auditorium if there is a large crowd.


Some stuff that we might need:

Fliers, i.e. what is GNOME, why GNOME, ... GNOME-3 installations: probably private Laptops, but some misc. Hardware (N800, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, ...) would be nice to show off GNOME-3. GNOME-3 Media: A Live-CD running GNOME-3, maybe with a ready and working development environment (i.e. a *working* JHBuild setup ) A banner (2x1 meters or so) reading "GNOME" Helping People

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