SeedKit Install Instructions

Info:Its assumed you have some basic knowledge about using a Command Line Interface and pulling from git since there are no Packages available as of the time being.


SeedKit depends on gtk3 >= 3.0, webkit-gtk >= 1.4 and seed >= 3.0. The two latter should be compiled against gtk+ 3.0. Yeah I am looking at you Ubuntu. For those poor souls, the Gnome 3 PPA provide quite recent versions.

If your distro of choice provide those, just install the development packages (-devel or -dev) matching them. Otherwise, you'll have to build them directly or using jhbuild.

For fedora 15+: sudo yum install seed-devel gtk3-devel webkitgtk3-devel

Getting the bits

SeedKit provides two separated modules, that you need to checkout until next release

  • libseedkit provides an embeddable widget
    • git clone git://
  • seedkit-viewer, a simple 'hybrid' application running environnement. It obviously depends on libseedkit
    • git clone git://

After getting those, just cd in each directory and issue the following commands: ./ make sudo make install

Hopefully, that should be it !

Update your SharedObjects Path

You MIGHT have to edit your, to do so run:

sudo gedit /etc/

put include /usr/local/lib as the last line in the file (if you don't have a file just create an empty file in /etc and name it Save the file and run ldconfig from the Terminal, now you should be setup for running SeedKit Apps.

Start experimenting

For further info on SeedKit don't hesitate to have a look at these nice places:

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