To Do List for the New GDM

Basic/Required Functionality


Simple Greeter

User Switcher

Potential/Future Features


  • Host / Guest type displays?
  • Restart session API?
    • Use case is to facilitate changing session-wide static settings like language and a11y options without having to relogin. Relogin can be problematic for single shot guest accounts, etc.
  • Add failsafe session support?
    • Perhaps only loading from GConf defaults and mandatory databases?
  • Add logindevperm support on Solaris
  • Add ability to start displays dynamically (eg via gdmdynamic)
  • Finish seat detection support
    • We need to nail down how we detect local displays for which we should start up a greeter.

User Switch Applet

  • Update face icons
  • Add a space constrained option

Simple Greeter

  • Use size groups in panel to center choosers
  • Monitor sessions and languages for changes
  • Improve running magnifier
  • Add tooltips to language and session chooser menus.
  • Give "Other..." better name if its the only choice. "Enter Username..." was suggested on redhat bug 445449
  • Change "Other..." to the username that's entered after the user enters a username?
  • Investigate automatically selecting "Other..." if the user does typeahead search and the search stops finding matches
  • Add option to run XDMCP chooser (Jon)
  • Dynamic languages

  • Allow per-display X Server commands
    • BrianCameron: The [server] and [server-foo] sections of the GDM configuration have been disabled. This means that users who depend on novel configurations which require special Xserver commands per-display is not available.

  • Plugin system for the greeter?
    • To provide things like Domain/Realm selection etc.
  • Forgot my password button in greeter?
  • Encourage better user passwords by prompting users at account creation if their chosen password is to simple/short. Don't stop users continuing to use a weak password if they choose.
  • Password hints
  • New user creation with password set at first login:
    • chage -d 0 passwd -d
  • Make brightness keys on screen display work
  • Write a pam-google module to login using gmail password?
  • How can we use/store password hints?

Setup Tools

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