Wiki Project Pages

  • project pages worked really well
  • not all pages were kept up-to-date during the summer
    • how could we achieve this?


Lighting Talks

  • talks from 25 students
  • time limit: 3 minutes each, 1 minute to switch
    • some talked less than 3 minutes, entire session ended 15mins early
  • slides deadline (5 days before guadec) was not kept, reminders were needed
  • timetable was handed out
  • we could have communicated more with the students in the days before GUADEC to let them know about which time they should be in the room, the order of the talks, the way things would be organized, ... and try to help them not stress too much
  • we should have tested the videoprojector first as some of the slides were slightly cut on the left
  • I got a comment from Bastien that there were students working on graphical stuff who did not include screenshots in their slides, we should mention that when we ask for their talks
  • similarly, each slide deck should start with a title page with the name of the student, project, mentor and program they are part of, need to me mentioned in the email asking for the talks
  • one student said that this session should have been scheduled a few days earlier as this allows people to know which students are there and what they are working on. After this student's talk, some people came to talk with her about her work as they did't know she was here/she was working on that

Interns game

  • great success!
  • students and community liked it
    • one student complained that he didn't like the competitive side of it
    • another one said that she couldn't participate in the game as much as she would have liked as she was volunteering to help with organization
  • time limit 2 full days
  • students finished it in a few hours
  • presentation of photo and video material during AGM
  • would be cool to have a video ready for the presentation


  • students did like it very much
  • only 45 copies
  • students not at guadec did not receive a copy
  • not too much press about it
  • lot of time wasted waiting for student responses
  • hackergotchi resolution was poor

Application Form

  • We should ask students how many days during the program dates they will be in school or preparing for exams, as well as when these dates are. Let's not forget jobs, holidays, conferences, ... I'd ask something like "Will you be able to work full time on your project from the xx to the xx? If not, why?", but we also need to convey the message that it's acceptable not to be fully available the whole time, that we just need to know

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