Owner: TravisReitter

  • brief review of the current state of Folks and integration in Gnome and MeeGo

  • brief status check on the current roadmap

  • discussion of existing design bugs and what we can do to solve them
  • discussion of missing features
    • search-based retrieval
      • search-only backends (eg, LDAP)
    • lazy loading
    • Dummy backend
    • better support backends that require polling (bgo#643718)

  • discussion to revise the roadmap (especially for medium- and long-term planning)


  • discussed problems and missing features that gnome-contacts has with current Folks, creating new/discussing open bugs:
  • determined a couple issues that should initially be solved by gnome-contacts:
    • create generally-useful Folks-based widgets, then split it out as folks-gtk (bgo#652663)

    • creating stable Individual field sorting by {preferred, {WORK, CELL, HOME, OTHER, <arbitrary>}, value} (maybe putting this into folks-gtk)

  • determined to be non-issues:
    • where specific Individual/Persona detail values come from
  • updated the roadmap with the new bugs accordingly

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