GNOME Women is a group dedicated to providing encouragement for women to contribute to GNOME, a free and open-source GNU/Linux and Unix desktop suite.

General Information

IRC Channel

Our IRC channel is #gnome-women on . It's easy to connect to IRC, and you can learn all about the use of IRC in GNOME and the different applications you can use to connect.

Mailing List

The mailing list is our main communication channel. Join it if you'd like to get all the latest updates about women participation in GNOME.

Facebook Group

We have a Women in GNOME Facebook group. Join it to show your support of women participation in GNOME to your friends.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program for Women encourages women to get involved in GNOME any time throughout the year and organizes internships for women in GNOME and other organizations. The current internships dates are from January 2 to April 2, 2013. The internships program details and application form are here. Some planning notes for the program are here.


The list of GNOME mentors started out as a resource for the Outreach Program for Women, but is now a general resource available to all newcomers. Please feel free to learn about various projects and get in touch with a mentor for the one that interests you any time throughout the year!

Photos and Images

A selection of photos of women working on GNOME and the program logo are here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contribute to GNOME? What do you mean by "contribute?"

There are many contributors to GNOME with a wide range of skillsets:

  • GNOME Journal seeks talented writers to contribute articles highlighting GNOME software, the people involved in GNOME, or GNOME development.

  • welcomes art for wallpapers, icons, window borders, and themes.

  • The GNOME Translation Project is always looking for translators to help translate GNOME applications and documentation. Here's a user-friendly article for any Gnome Women interested in translation: /Translations.

  • The GNOME Marketing Team works on increasing awareness of GNOME and could always use help developing collateral materials (brochures, posters, artwork, etc.)

  • The GNOME Documentation Team welcomes writers, content editors, markup editors, indexers, glossary authors, testers, packagers(tgz, RPM, and deb), people to convert and markup non-DocBook docs, developers, help system designers...

  • GNOME System Administration welcomes experienced system administrators to help out with various tasks involved in keeping and its services up and running.

  • GNOME Love assists new GNOME developers in application development, testing, and bug triaging.

How are you going to encourage more women to contribute?

GNOME Women engage in a number of activites to help encourage contributions to GNOME by women:

  • Providing role models by increasing the visibility of active women in GNOME
  • Providing a way for aspiring contributors to meet with mentors they can trust
  • Tutorials held on IRC or documented on the web as areas of need are identified
  • Bug-squashing parties
  • Creating opportunities for collaborating with existing GNOME developers
  • Organising BOFs and giving talks at GNU/Linux conferences.
  • Actively encouraging and educating the GNOME community to increase understanding of the issues facing women who wish to contribute to GNOME

Why do women need their own group to contribute to GNOME?

It is hard enough to become a member of a new community and learn its culture and processes. Women (a minority in open-source communities) face a unique set of challenges and go through a different set of experiences than men when trying to become contributors. Because women are a minority it is harder for us to find others who've been through the same things, or with whom we can share experiences and advice. GNOME Women's goal is to address this need.

Joining GNOME Women

How do I get started?

I'm a woman who would like to become a GNOME contributor.

Welcome to GNOME and GNOME Women! A great way to get started is to join our mailing list and send off a post introducing yourself and your interests (What GNOME projects would you like to contribute to? What kind of contributions would you like to make?). You can also join us in our irc channel, #gnome-women, on

I'm a (female or male) GNOME contributor who'd like to help out with the GNOME Women project - how do I get started?

Thanks for your interest in helping out! You should sign up for our mailing list, send out a post introducing yourself and your areas of expertise within GNOME. Being available on the mailing list to answer questions or point people in the right direction is a great way to help out.

You should also add yourself to the list of GNOME mentors. By this, you will indicate that you can informally help newcomers with their first contribution to your project in GNOME any time throughout the year. This list started out as a resource for the Outreach Program for Women, but is now a general resource available to all newcomers.

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