GNOME Africa: Growing GNOME Communities in Africa

WHAT IS GNOME? (pronounced gah-NOHM) Gnome is a desktop environment that houses other sub applications. For eg, when you open your computer screen, the Graphical user interface environment that displays your app is exactly what Gnome is responsible for in the linux operating system.

GNOME software is used by millions of people worldwide, and is one of the largest and oldest free software projects.

Recent innovations include Flatpak and the accompanying app store, Flathub, which enables applications to run on any Linux-based operating system.

ABOUT GNOME AFRICA: The GNOME Africa Committee was established in 2019 by a GNOME advocate Regina Nkenchor. The PAN AFRICAN GNOME SUMMIT(PAGS) which will now be called GNOME Africa Summit was started in order to promote GNOME technology among different segments and grow GNOME communities in Africa. This is an annual conference for GNOME users and developers in Africa.

The GNOME Africa events focus primarily on the GNOME desktop and other devices that use GNOME, and also covers GNOME-based applications and GNOME development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Africa to provide a forum for users, developers, students, foundation leaders, governments, and businesses to discuss both the present technologies and future developments.

Our project focuses on contributing to GNOME projects in African Countries. Every year, we strive to attract new members from different corners of Africa to establish local GNOME User Groups and join our committee.

CODE OF CONDUCT : We value an inclusive and respectful community. Please read and adhere to our Code Of Conduct

OUR EVENTS : GNOME strives to maintain a robust presence in Africa, with several exciting events lined up across the continent. Our events adhere strictly to the GNOME Code of Conduct, ensuring an inclusive and respectful atmosphere for all participants. Gnome Africa Events

WHY CONTRIBUTE? Contributing to our open source project offers a range of benefits:

  • Impact: Your contributions will have a real impact on the project and its users, making a difference in the open source world.

  • Learning and Skill Development: Working on a collaborative project exposes you to various technologies and best practices, enhancing your skills as a developer.

  • Community and Networking: Join our friendly and welcoming community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

  • Recognition: Your hard work and contributions will be acknowledged and appreciated by the community.

How to get involved: We welcome both code and non-code contributions of all skill levels; by that we mean that both developers, content writers, community managers, program managers are all welcomed to contribute. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Report Issues: Help improve the project by reporting bugs or suggesting enhancements via Gitlab Issues.

  • Write Codes and build Cool projects.

  • Merge Requests: Contribute code and new features by submitting Merge Requests.

  • Documentation: Enhance the project's documentation, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

  • Design and UI/UX: Improve the project's visuals and user experience.

  • Marketing and advocacy: spread the word about Gnome via engaging content

  • Content writing: create engaging blog articles

  • Community Management: foster inclusivity, and collaborate with contributors and project maintainers to ensure a vibrant and successful community ecosystem.

GET IN TOUCH These are the primary channels that GNOME contributors use to talk to each other.

  • Matrix - for instant messaging
  • GitLab - for issue tracking


  • Create a GNOME Gitlab account Here This is a helpful video that can guide you through Gitlab Watch

[Please Note: (You will be asked for a work email address, but you can use your personal to register) (Your password must be a minimum length of 16 characters and must include an upper case character eg: Ilovegnomesomuch@opensource) (Join the community and introduce yourself while also clearly stating your Gnome Gitlab Username. for eg - my name is ANDREW DANIEL, I am a seasoned community manager, I heard about the Gnome Africa Community from a friend, I am a newbie in open source but will love to start contributing, i just signed up on Gnome Gitlab and here is my username "Fibi".)]

  • Join our African Community on our Primary Channel Matrix

  • Start Contributing to GNOME African Projects via issues

Start Contributing to GNOME Global Projects:

  • Contribute to Gnome Engagement Team: Here

  • Contribute to Gnome Ux Design Team: Here

  • Contribute to Gnome Documentation: Here

  • Contribute to Gnome Web Development: Here

  • Contribute as a translator: Here

  • Contact Gnome Mentors that will help you through any type of contribution you decide to make: Here


Contributing to Gnome:

Recommended curriculum for Open Source Training

  • Everyone including development teams and business executives who touch open source should complete the following:

A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Software Development

Developers should also complete:

Managers should also complete:



GNOME Africa Summit in the Past

  • GNOME Onboard Africa 2023 Watch

  • Ongoing Plans for ‘GNOME Africa Summit 2024’ in Lagos, Nigeria

Other Events

  • Event Page: Gnome Africa Events

  • GNOME Africa is interested in hosting other events online and on-ground and is always excited to hear your ideas.. Please send us an Email

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  • Next meeting is on the 2nd of September, Saturday 7PM WAT

Questions? If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us via We look forward to your contributions and are excited to have you as part of our open source community!

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