Here is a list of some nice folks in GNOME who can help you make your first contribution, and perhaps even mentor you during a Google Summer of Code or Outreach Program for Women internship, if you are planning to apply for one. Once you decide what project you are interested in contributing to and explore the information available on that project's wiki, you can introduce yourself to the project's mentor and ask them any questions you have about contributing to the project. The mentor can help you build the project's code, identify an easy bug to start with, and help you with your patch for that bug. The mentor can guide you through your subsequent contributions and point to the resources for solving a particular task.

Typically, there are other people on the project's IRC channel, who can help you too. So please ask your questions in the channel. You can address the mentor directly by using their nick in your question. E.g. if the mentor's IRC nick is kelly, you can say "kelly: hi! I just built project-foo and looking for a bug to fix - I found bug 123 and bug 321 in the project's bugzilla that both look like something I can try to work on, but I wanted to see if you have any recommendation, since you are listed as a mentor for the project".

You can find the information about the projects on their wiki pages. The link next to the project name is the name of the project's IRC channel on . The string next to each mentor's name is their IRC nick. You can learn more about the use of IRC for GNOME development and how to install an IRC client here. You can find out other contact information and more about each mentor on their individual pages.

If you are interested in finding a mentor for a project not listed here, you can look at the project's commit log to see who are its most frequent contributors and try to find them on IRC. You can also ask on the #newcomers IRC channel or mailing list.

Mentors, please read the information for mentors before adding yourself and your project to this page.

Software Projects

All software projects also require design, documentation, engagement and translation. If you are interested in these tasks, you can learn about both the project and the activities of the relevant team to figure out how to best approach it.

Design, Documentation, Engagement, etc.


GNOME Translation Project contributors translate the GNOME user interface, documentation, and engagement materials to different languages. All language teams and coordinators are listed here.


Make sure Gnome can work on some non-x86 platform

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