Welcome to Newcomers guide!

This guide will help you get involved and find something to work on. To start, read the project tour to get an overview.

Advice and Etiquette

  • Be patient. It can take a long time to become a proper GNOME contributor, so don't be disheartened.
  • Start small. Going big will not work for starting.
  • Take the initiative and be self driven. GNOME contributors typically find and decide to work on tasks on their own.
  • Provide all the information when asking a question.
  • Don't private or direct message people. Use the IRC channels instead.

Code Contribution

To get started, it's enough being comfortable with object oriented programming and git.

  1. Choose a project - Choose a newcomer-friendly GNOME project to get started with.

  2. Build the project - Compile and run GNOME applications with help from this beginners guide.

  3. Find and solve a task - Useful tools, tips and tricks which helps you to find and solve newcomer tasks in a project.

  4. Submit the patch - Read about the essential steps to submit a code contribution.

Documentation Contribution

  1. General advice - general advice and tips to contribute to documentation in GNOME.

  2. Finding Tasks - how to find tasks to work on.

Other non-coding contribution

There is a huge amount of non-coding work involved in creating GNOME and there is a virtually limitless list of things you can do to help make GNOME better. The Get Involved page has details of some of these. Existing skills such as art are always in high demand. Many of these tasks provide opportunities to learn new skills also.

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