Regina Nkenchor

Welcome to my wiki page! Here, you'll find details about my open-source contributions within GNOME and the broader open-source ecosystem. 🌟


I am a software engineer working with Linux and database platforms, both on-premise and cloud services. In the GNOME community, I am a foundation member and currently hold the position of Vice President on the Board of Directors, and also member of the governance community GNOME Board.

At the GNOME Project, I serve on the GNOME board, collaborating with other board of directors to make decisions and policies that enables the GNOME project to build sustainable software that everyone can trust. Additionally, I volunteer in developing strategic diversity initiatives and programs aimed at promoting awareness of the GNOME project within the African open-source ecosystem. These initiatives are designed to attract and onboard new contributors into the GNOME community."


GNOME Africa Community: As the founder of the GNOME Africa Community, I am involved in community program management, spearheading strategic growth initiatives by setting objectives, planning initiatives, and collaborating with community leads. Within this role, I focus on expanding the presence of the GNOME project within the African open-source community and fostering a volunteer community of users and developers alike.

Programs and Events: I have managed various programs and events focused on promoting awareness of the GNOME project and fostering collaboration within the open-source community in Africa. You can find a list of these events and programs here -GNOME Africa Event.

Collaborations with CHAOSS Community: I collaborated with the CHAOSS project in designing the metric Occasional Contributors

Collaborations with Open-Source Community Africa: I led the program collaboration of GNOME and OSCA to bring awareness of the GNOME project to the African open-source ecosystem. GNOME X OSCA

Personal Program - Open-Source Stories with Regina: As part of my personal initiative, I host "Open-Source Stories with Regina", where I share inspiring stories of leading women in the open-source ecosystem. This program aims to inspire women's contributions to open-source and bridge the gender gap within our community. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Github

Written Works: You can explore some of my written articles on open-source and technology topics on Medium.

GNOME Africa Playlist: Check out some of the open source events I organized on GNOME YouTube Channel.

Interviews and Talks: Explore my talks and interviews within the Open-source Events and Interviews at Tech Conferences playlist.

Interviews and Talks: Explore my interview with Giant Robots Podcast .


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn for further discussions or collaborations!


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