Usability sweep

[ This review was done on version 19.4 as part of deja-dup being added to Ubuntu ]

It may be a good idea to offer backup setup in the installer eventually. But I do not think it would be helpful to offer setup for Déjà Dup in its current state in the installer. It is not easy enough to use. -mpt

Intro screen

  • Buttons on intro screen are too long and miscapitalized (should use Header Case)
  • Can never return to intro screen after clicking "show my backup settings"
    • Is the intro screen necessary at all?

  • (./) Settings category list (Overview/Storage/Files/Schedule) is missing its frame

  • only four settings categories, so probably they should be tabs instead


  • There aren't (and shouldn't be) enough settings for an overview to be necessary
  • (./) Labels are left-aligned -- should be right-aligned [DONE]

  • (./) "Where:" is non-obvious -- is that the source or the destination? [renamed to 'Backup location:']

  • (./) "Include files from: Home" is unclear about whether it includes files from anywhere else [Renamed to 'Folders to back up:']

  • (./) Doesn't mention whether/when the last backup happened [Always made those labels visible, even if no last backup]


  • (./) Shouldn't suggest that "Backup location: Audio Disc" is possible

  • (./) various "Server:", "Port:", "Folder:", "Username:" etc colons aren't lined up

  • "Local Folder" has an icon suggesting that it's an actual folder, when it isn't
  • (./) "Folder:" and "Keep backup:" label colons don't line up with "Backup location:"

  • (./) "Browse…" should be "Choose Folder…"

  • "Old backups will be kept..." text is in italics -- never use italics in chrome
  • "Old backups will be kept..." text jumps around between the first two tabs


  • (./) "Include / files in / folders:" and "Except files / in folders" are too many line breaks. Put the fields below the labels instead.

  • (./) "Add" should be "Add…" [Actually is now just a symbolic icon ala latest suggestion from HIG ]

  • (./) Include/Except fields are missing their frames (so they go completely invisible when empty)

  • It shouldn't be possible to have automated backups of nothing
  • It shouldn't be possible to exclude everything that's included (or a superset of what's included)


  • (./) Shouldn't need a screen containing only one control. Merge with one of the others. [Moved "keep backups" to this page]


  • Asks me to "Restore from Where". Why doesn't it know?
  • How can I tell which backup to restore? Where do I browse the versions of the file I'm restoring?
  • Doesn't explain how the restored backup files will interact with my current files.

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