Currently, Deja Dup only includes and excludes folders. Here are some things that I might one day want to be able to include/exclude:

  • Specific files
  • Files/Folders matching certain criteria like:
    • Bigger than X MB
    • Name
    • Mime type
  • List of packages installed in system
  • Online data like:
    • Flickr photos
    • GMail emails
  • Application Data
    • Evolution mail etc
    • XChat logs

I am also willing to entertain the idea that some of the above options are inherently confusing or just bad ideas to present to the user.

How to design a nice interface for all that?

  • Something like Evolution's or Thunderbird's filter interface, where you can add and remove lines of match criteria.
  • A drop down combo box with an add button next to it that initiated some dialog or inline further selection
  • A wizard

What should the behavior be if an online data source isn't available?

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