Release Planning

The GNOME Release Team helps to coordinate the GNOME release process, mainly by creating a 6-monthly release schedule, and keeping everyone informed about the various stages of that schedule. We work for the developer community, helping everyone to work together and make progress. We try not to get in the way.

The Release Team is a committee of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. It is tasked with determining what constitutes official GNOME software.

We've tried to write down what we consider our mission, here.

Current Development

Development schedule and freeze status

Project repository / issue tracker:

Release Team

New project wiki page:

Here is some information about the GNOME Release Team and process. If you need help, join the #release-team channel on IRC or start a thread in Discourse tagged with release-team. Subscribe to devel-announce-list (archives) for release-team and other developer-related announcements. (The Release Team mailing list is not used anymore since August 2020.)

See also Advice for Maintainers.

Testing and Bugs

To help test and refine GNOME, set up a safe testing platform following the TestingGuide and join the GNOME Bugsquad.

Check the corresponding Milestone for issues which should be fixed.

TODO for this page

  • Mention the releng module in git.

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