3.0 Release Day Planning

This is the planning page for the GNOME 3.0 release day (6 April 2011).


  • Make the new gnome.org go live with a teaser home page - big 'coming soon' sticker, perhaps with with a countdown timer (Andreas)
    ovitters: you cannot, needs much more preparation!!!

  • Set the ttl for library.gnome.org (Olav)
    done. 2011-03-29: Set to 10min

  • News item on the gnome.org website (Allan or Sumana)
  • Make sure we have a 3.0 entry for the GNOME version field in Bugzilla (Andre/Olav)
  • Prepare announcement email and submit to translators (Vincent)
  • Put the release notes on library.gnome.org (Allan)

Release day

  • Switch to alternative Planet GNOME theme (Alberto)
  • Publishing the release on FTP (Vincent)
  • Sending announcement mail to gnome-announce list and devel-announce-list (Vincent)
  • Forward the announcement email to release party organisers (Pockey)
  • Switch DNS for new library.gnome.org and change TTL to default (Olav)
  • Something needs to happen on gnome3.org (Andreas et al)
  • Update ThreePointZero: 'it's been released!' (Allan)

  • Tidy up references to the release date on gnome3.org (Allan)

General things

  • Bittorrent access to a live CD?
  • Blogging, tweeting, etc
  • Blog and tweet about release parties
  • Pump as much material through the GNOME feeds as possible (Allan)

Comments and Discussion


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