Implementation of Additional Event Sources for GNOME Shell's Time & Date drop-down

Short Description

The project is about the implementation of additional event sources which were part of the new design but have not yet been implemented. As per the Design, Time & Date drop-down should also have weather forecasts and birthday reminders. This project will aim at implementing those additional event sources.
I will work on this project under the mentor-ship of Florian Muellner.

Benefits of this project for GNOME

After the completion of this project, GNOME Shell's Time & Date drop-down would have weather forecast & Birthday reminders and possibly a new design for Music controls and notifications as well, as the special notification type which was present earlier was removed by the redesign.

About Me

I'm Shivam Mishra, a bachelor student of Information Technology at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India.


25th May - 10th June

Understand and clarify the exact design requirements and freeze a design to work on.
Discuss and understand the existing code.

11th June - 14th June

Implement a stub weather forecast interface.

15th June - 25th June

Make weather forecast app fully functional. Recheck the code for potential bugs and fix them, perform unit testing and merge the code.

26th June - 9th July

Implement Birthday reminder interface and make it fully functional.

10th July - 15th July

Perform Code Review, Unit Testing, Documentation and merge the code.

16th July - 3rd Aug

Discuss about possible designs for Music controls with design team and implement it based on the design discussed.

4th Aug - 6th Aug

Perform Code Review, Unit Testing, Documentation and merge the code.

7th Aug - 10th Aug

GUADEC Presentation

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