Notifications Redux

A notifications and Message Tray design update. Details of the actual design can be found on the main notifications design page.

Key design features:

  • Notification banners are displayed at the top of the screen, individually, in sequence.
  • A list of notifications is included in the time and date drop-down, which is access from the clock in the top bar. This includes notifications which have been displayed as banners, but haven't been dismissed.
  • The time and date drop-down also includes birthday and event reminders, a calendar widget, time zone and weather information.

Design Goals

  • Combine the existing calendar drop-down with the Message Tray, in order to create a single place where you can:
    • See what has happened recently (notifications).
    • Discover reminders about events and birthdays.
    • See information about ongoing background states, such as the weather and time zones.
  • Take advantage of the clock as a way to conceptually frame notifications, reminders and background information around the ideas of time and date.
  • Reposition notification banners to give them a clear spatial relationship with the day and time, and the time and date drop-down.
  • Retain the ability to quickly respond to notifications through in-line actions.

Changes From 3.14

Some of the less obvious changes from the existing notifications implementation.

  • Notifications cannot be expanded within the "Message Tray". Instead, notification actions can only be accessed from banners.
  • Hot plug notifications no longer include an eject action, and they do not persist permanently - they behave like regular urgent notifications.
  • Music is no longer included as a special type of notification. In the future, this can be reimplemented using a different UI and API (meaning that the future of music controls is not as a notification but a special system integration point). This is to be decided.
  • Images in notifications are no longer a thing.

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