GNOME Bucharest is a newly formed local group of both GNOME developers and users whose aim is not only to promote the GNOME community, but also encourage and guide students of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest to get familiarized and become involved with GNOME projects.

We are currently based in Bucharest, Romania (Eastern European Time Zone, UTC+02:00), but hopefully we'll grow into a larger network and cover other universities in our country in the future.


Since we all were Google Summer of Code students, most of our work is related to our summer projects. However, we have enough experience to leave our mark on other projects too.

Upcoming Events


Past Events

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    19 Nov 2016

    Open Source Hackathon

    Bring your laptop and learn how to start contributing to GNOME projects with the help of a GSoC mentor and former students.

    17 Nov 2016

    Open Source - Your Best Resume

    A talk by CarlosSoriano about the importance of having a strong background as an open source software contributor and why your GitHub account is your best resume.

    16 Nov 2016

    Introduction to GSoC 2017

    A presentation meant to help newcomer students understand what is Open Source Software and encourage them to participate to Google Summer of Code 2017 program.


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