Web is the WebKit based web browser for GNOME. It offers a simple, clean, beautiful view of the Web. Its code name is Epiphany.



Getting in Touch

Development Resources


The recommended way of building and testing Epiphany is to use JHBuild. The default GNOME moduleset will already include all the proper dependencies you need, so if you want to build all of GNOME up to Epiphany just do:

jhbuild build epiphany

Keep in mind that there's many dependencies and some of them are quite large (like WebKit), so the entire process can take a few hours.

After Epiphany has finished compiling, run it like this:

jhbuild run epiphany

Now that you can run and build Epiphany from source visit our development page and help us to make a great web browser!

Privacy Policy

By default, Epiphany collects personal data, such as your bookmarks and web browsing history. This data is stored locally on your computer and is never transmitted to the Epiphany developers or any third party, unless you choose to enable Sync integration. If Sync integration is enabled, the data is encrypted and transmitted to Mozilla's Firefox Sync server, where it is stored in encrypted form. Although Epiphany uses the Firefox Sync service, Epiphany is not Firefox and is not endorsed by Mozilla.

This privacy policy statement is required to be displayed on this website in order to comply with the terms of service for Firefox Sync.

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