Internet Relay Client

About Polari

IRC client which enables you to chat with people around world through large chatrooms or via private messaging.


Quick content sharing

Paste an image or a dozen lines of text - Polari uploads it to a public paste service at your convenience.


Stay completed

Hit the tab key to rid yourself the trouble of spelling nicknames and IRC commands.

Built to be easy

Spend less time on configuration and more time chatting with people who matter.


Getting Polari

  • Polari is available for download through most popular distributions' software centers. Source code can be obtained from Polari's git repository. Polari can also be installed via Flatpak:

     $ wget https://sdk.gnome.org/keys/gnome-sdk.gpg
     $ flatpak remote-add --user --gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome http://sdk.gnome.org/repo/
     $ flatpak install --user gnome org.gnome.Platform 3.22
     $ flatpak remote-add --user --gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome-apps http://sdk.gnome.org/repo-apps/
     $ flatpak install --user gnome-apps org.gnome.Polari stable
     $ flatpak run org.gnome.Polari

{i} If you have trouble starting Polari, make sure Polari isnt running already.

Getting in Touch

  • Questions regarding use and development of Polari are welcome though Polari's IRC channel (#polari at irc.gnome.org).

Filing a bug

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