The following is a list of planned features. Each feature denotes what level of fundraising
must be reached to cover our cost of implementation.

Project Management2

Builder is designed to manage your autotools based project. We manage the complex bits so you don't have to. Focus time more on writing your application and less time on build system rules.

Asset Catalog3

To simplify the management of user interface templates, icons, setting schemas, CSS styling, and embedded files, we've included a built in asset manager. Just navigate to your project details to see more.

EditorConfig Built-in

The editorconfig format has quickly become the go-to way to specify formatting rules for source code. Builder supports this format out of the box so things just work no matter what project you decide to contribute to.

API Exploration2

Learning new APIs can be a time consuming process. To save you time we've added support for navigating types from right within the source code editor. You can jump to a type declaration with just a click.

Split Views

With Builder you can place content where you want it. Multiple editors side by side is no problem. You can even place documentation next to code so you don't have to keep switching contexts.

Jump to Symbol2

Navigating large files can be difficult. So Builder includes everything you need to jump around your source code whether it's within the same file, or somewhere else in your source tree.

Global Search2

At the top of Builder is the Global Search bar. You can use this to jump between files, open new files, locate symbols, search documentation and more.

Glade Built In3

By integrating Glade, Builder simplifies creating new Gtk+ widgets with templates, embedded icon themes, CSS, and more. Jump between the designer and code in an instant.


Browse the comprehensive documentation provided with the libraries you use most. If you don't find what you are looking for or don't understand it, you can flag the documentation for improvement by the GNOME developers.

Quick Help2

When auto completion is enabled we'll provide you documentation right at your fingertips as you type. No more jumping between documentation and code to see what that parameter means.

Global Navigation

To make it easier to jump back to what you were just doing we've added Global Navigation. It works just like your web browser. We keep track of where you are in the IDE and you can move freely backwards and forwards.

IDE Scripting4

You can optimize your workflow with the scripting capabilities provided by GObject Introspection and GJS. You'll have access to all the APIs inside of Builder to make it do exactly what you want.

GNOME Simulator9

Builder provides a simulator allowing you to test your application on multiple versions of GNOME. The SDK is provided by OSTree and GNOME Continuous. You can test against released versions of GNOME as well as stay up to date with the development version in Git.

Connect Hardware Devices5

If you have a GNOME powered tablet, phone, or development board you can connect it to Builder to run and debug applications remotely. Sit back and debug from your workstation while you run the application interactively on your tablet.

Collaborative Editing7

Sometimes you just need an extra eye. Or maybe you need some code review? Our collaborative editor feature built upon libinifity will allow you and a teammate to solve that problem together just as if you had two keyboards at the same computer.


Builder uses the two most common compilers on the market today. Code navigation and analysis features are provided by clang and built with GCC.

Graphical Debugger5

Nobody wishes to debug, but when it's needed you want a solid debugger on your side. Builder integrates Nemiver, the GDB frontend to help you track threads, variables, breakpoints, watchpoints and more. You can even view and edit memory directly using the hex editor.

Leak Detection7

Builder will help you find leaks in your applications using the GObject runtime statistics. Additionally, more powerful tools like valgrind will help you narrow that leak to the exact line of code.

Code Search9

When documentation is short it can help to look at other examples of code in the GNOME repositories. Our code search feature will help you find uses of GNOME APIs throughout code hosted on

Track Issues10

Browsing and searching Bugzilla can be a chore. So we'll cache the bug information for your project locally so you can check that bug report quickly without leaving the IDE. Using git-bz we can even attach patches and close bugs on your behalf.

Auto Completion2, 6

The Clang compiler toolchain provides you with a robust auto completion engine for C and C++. No matter where you are in your source code, you can determine what is possible with just a press of a key. We will add auto completion support for Python and Vala if we reach our fundraising target.

Auto Indentation

Nobody wants to spend all of their time formatting code. Builder will attempt to format the code for you as you type leaving you to focus on the important part. We currently support C, Python, and XML with more languages on the way.

Powerful Snippets

The Builder team knows how powerful snippets can be in the daily tasks of a developer. We built the snippet system we always wanted, and now it's yours too! You can have multiple tab stops, linked entry points, and dynamic content. Snippets within snippets? No problem!


Builder comes with a set of tutorials to help you get started with GNOME and Builder. Start by creating your first Gtk+ application.

Quick Open2

Open any file in your project quickly using the Global Search bar. Just start typing a few distinctive characters of the files name and press Enter.

Markdown and HTML Preview3

Editing markdown and HTML can be frustrating when you are constantly switching between code and preview. So Builder includes a live preview right in the IDE to save you time and patience.

Live Issues

Tired of switching back and forth to a terminal to compile your code just to get the line number of the error? Save time with errors shown right as you type them.


If the compiler knows how to fix an issue that is preventing your program from compiling, simply click the Fix-It! button to fix the error rather than solving it yourself.

Version Tracking3

Git has won the version control wars and so we naturally chose it as our SCM of choice in GNOME. We bring the power of Git to you in a simple and easy to understand way. You can create branches, commit, push, pull, and more.


Ever wanted to try that crazy new idea without risking your project? Builder includes a snapshoting to save your project so that if you break something you can easily rollback to where you were.


You can write applications using JavaScript and deploy them just like they were a natively compiled language. Builder will bundle all of your resources together and bootstrap the JavaScript runtime for you. Just choose JavaScript for your next project.


Love Python? We do too. So we added support for Python right into Builder. You have auto indentation and auto completion right at your fingertips. Get all the benefits of the project management features found in C and C++ projects like settings, CSS, UI templates and more.

Powerful VIM-style Editing

Longstanding VIM users know firsthand the power of a modal editor. Our developers don't want you to feel left out so we created a robust VIM engine within Builder to help you feel at home. "ll^[Ihe^[Ao" to you too buddy!

Command Bar2

If you ever need to get at the internals of Builder while it is running you can use the Firefox-inspired command bar. You can even execute commands internal to builder exposed via GAction.


Creating and consuming D-Bus services can be a daunting task for those new to the platform. So we've created all the tools you need to create your own or connect to an existing service. Just browse to the service installed on your system and click to add it to your project.

Unit Testing7

The industry agrees that tests are important for the long term stability of your project. Wouldn't it be nice to see how your project has performed over time? We'll track those unit test results and store them in git-notes so you can graph them later.

GNOME Shell Extensions10

Create and test your shell extension without breaking your running GNOME session! You can create a new GNOME shell extension and test it from within the simulator. That means you can test it against multiple GNOME versions including what is currently under development from Git.

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