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Read the Documentation

We've just started writing our new documentation for Builder and are in need of people to read, test, and report back to us if it was helpful. We also need more documentation written. Writing documentation is a great way to learn the Builder code-base.

Builder at

File a Bug

If you think you've found a bug in Builder, head over to Builder Bug Tracker and file a report. We will get back to you on any further details we need to track down the issue as soon as we can.

For Newcomers

If you wish to start contributing to Builder, simply pick a bug from this list of newcomer bugs: List of newcomer bugs

Download the Source

Want to check out the source code to Builder? We'd love to have your help, but feel free to take a look around even if you just want to see how it's built. The easiest way to get started is to open Builder with Builder!

From the project greeter window, scroll down until you see the "Builder" project in the Newcomers list. Click on it to open the project. After that, click the Run button just like any other project!

Join Us on IRC

Bored at work? Have an immediate question that you'd like to ask? Join us on our IRC channel at

Join our Mailing List

Come join our mailing list and help decide the future of Builder or ask questions of the friendly developers and users.

Where Are We Headed?

Check out our Planning section if you'd like to see what our plans are for the not so distant future. If you'd like to help implement any of these features, jump on IRC or contact Christian Hergert by email to coordinate.

Help with Testing and Quality Assurance

One great way to develop your skills is to learn about how software is built by testing it. You'll often find bugs and oversights and learn how we fix them during the development cycle. Join us on IRC to help us make Builder a better, more tested product!

Write a Tutorial!

If you are using Builder we would love for you to write a tutorial on some small aspect that you use. You'll be doing your part to make sure things are easier for the next person that comes along. Get in touch with us on IRC.

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