Users listed here can edit pages. Originally it was only to remove the TextCha, but spam attacks have gotten stronger and we had to move to this as a prevention measure. Please only add people you trust not to be spambots, you will be held responsible if they are spambots.

If you need to be added, your best bet is to ask on #gnome-hackers.

/!\ Please keep this list sorted by last name

This list is alphabetical by last name. The person you are adding probably does not belong here at the bottom!

  • - Seriously, keeping this alphabetical by last name is just impossible and a worthless time sink with no obvious reason. There are people not even with last name in the wiki account, and doing a sort by "last name" is even harder than just first name. What's the rationale about all of this sorting? -- CarlosSoriano

    • - The reason is to avoid duplication and quite frankly it is far from impossible. It is actually pretty easy and just requires a few seconds of attention. As for non FirstnameLastname wiki names, they can be sorted alphabetically at the end as was already the case. -- AlexandreFranke..

      - How is this better than ctrl + f and search for the wiki name? Also, if they ask to be added here I'm pretty sure is because they don't have access, not sure why it would be a duplication. Also, why order by last name making it much harder? Why not first name? It looks to me that it has been made in a way that can be less convenient as possible. Idk, this needs a different solution, it's anoying as hell :/ -- CarlosSoriano

Names that need to be alphabetized

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