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Writing a Library with Vala:

Naming Conventions and Building the Library

Building the Binary

Unix Shared Object File

Windows DLL File

Producing Interface Files

C Based

Vala Based

GObject Introspection Based

Example Projects and their Build Tools

Some example projects and tutorials:

  • vala_library_tutorial - "Simple tutorial on how to start with making your own library in Vala", uses a simple Makefile that clearly shows the stages and commands involved in producing the binary, GIR file and typelib file

  • Creating a Shared Library in Vala - code sample and tutorial from the GNOME Wiki

  • vala-object - "Use Vala from Ruby, Python, Lua, JavaScript (Node.js, gjs, seed) and many other languages", small example project that also shows the library being used by other languages

  • gherkin-vala - "Port of the Gherkin language to Vala", uses Autotools to build the binary

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