Students Information

Students, please read information about our application requirements and advice for students in addition to reviewing the ideas on this page. This list is not exclusive, and there are other ways you can find a mentor and define your GSoC project idea.

Mentors Information

Mentors, the ideas do not have to be only about modules that are in a GNOME suite. If it's a project on GNOME-related software that can benefit the GNOME community, it's also good to list it here.

Adding an idea

  • Read mentor's guidelines and follow the steps to become a mentor .

  • Discuss your idea with designers in #gnome-design to get their input and plan collaboration.

  • Make sure your idea consists of manageable and relevant tasks that the student can merge in the main module throughout the internship period.

  • Do not list multiple ideas in one item. Use multiple items instead.

  • Briefly explain why this would be great for GNOME.
  • Do not write lots of text to explain your idea. Try to summarise it and explain it clear enough for someone that might not know the GNOME platform.

  • List your idea on this page even if you already have a strong applicant applying to it.
  • Put [Many strong applicants] next to your idea if you have already too many strong applicants.

When students approach you

  • Be clear with students about whether it is suitable for new contributors or for their experience level.

  • Be prepared to give them a simple bug to fix or task to complete for your module and help them along with the setup and questions about the code. Encourage them to continue on fixing more bugs or writing code for the idea they are planning to apply for.

  • If you already have a strong student applying to work on the idea, redirect other students to find other ideas to propose instead or in addition to your idea.

  • If you are redirecting students from your idea, please add [Many strong applicants] to its title in the list below.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to the GNOME GSoC admins if you need help redirecting students.

Please use this format and add your idea to the bottom of the Untriaged Ideas section below:

 '''Project name: idea title''' (mentor: MentorName linking to your personal info page)
 * ''Brief explanation'': Explain briefly the idea, including the benefits for GNOME.
 * ''Requirements'': what should the student know already?
 * ''Communication'': what communication channels do you use for mentoring?
 * Note: one or multiple notes, links, whatever further information

Accepted Ideas

Untriaged Ideas

Fractal: Multi account support (mentor: DanielGarcia, co-mentors: team)

Brief explanation: Fractal right now only supports one account, if you want to be connected at the same time with different accounts you should launch several instances. The idea here is to add multi account support in the client so you can have more than one account connected at the same time with a user friendly interface.

To add multi account support first of all we should work on the backend code to make it more client independent, then we can work on the interface.

Requirements: Familiarity with Rust and GTK

Communication: on Matrix is used for communication by the team. New contributors are expected to be available here.

More Ideas

The following GTK projects are taking part in GSoC individually, feel free to check out their list of ideas: TBA

Past ideas: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.


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