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Flatpak (recommended)

Fractal is available via Flatpak:

Software should open the .flatpakref file and install it.

Alternatively use the command below:

flatpak install


Your software distribution may offer you packages for Fractal:

Building from source

Download tarballs of latest release.

Alternatively, clone latest development code using git:

git clone

See file for futher instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Fractal have encryption support? Will it ever?

Fractal does not currently have encryption support, but there is an initiative for it.

The current effort is to create a monolithic module for Fractal to interact with. Said module will handle all cryptographic tasks. The goal is to reduce the amount of work required for implementing end-to-end encryption by having one thing to interact with, instead of a huge API surface.

Code and further information for this module can be found at

  • Can I run Fractal with the window closed?

Currently Fractal does not support this. Fractal is a GNOME application, and accordingly adheres GNOME guidelines and paradigms. This will be revisited if or when GNOME gets a "Do Not Disturb" feature.

Getting in touch

Talk with our user and developer community via our:

Bug reporting

Test Fractal and its development version and submit your issues:


Creating or improving:


Contribute code to fix existing bugs:

People behind Fractal

Maintainer: Daniel GarcĂ­a Moreno (danigm)

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